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Scott Law Group Debt Settlement Litigation List Contains Some New Companies

The Scott Law Group in Washington State has been VERY active in going after debt settlement companies that allegedly injure consumers. It appears some new companies have been added to their list of current litigation, The new companies include FBL Associates, Lifeguard Financial, Please Reduce My Debt, and Think Outside the Box Solutions. – Source

Here is the current list as shown on their website today.

Alliance8, Inc
American Debt Settlement Group, LLC
Amerix Corporation
Ascend One Corporation
Bay View Law Group, PC
Belmont Media LLC (dba Crusader Customer Services and Crusader Law Group)
CareOne Services, Inc
CDS Client Services (dba Capital Debt Settlement)
Century Negotiations, Inc.
Consumer Law Associates, LLC
Debtmerica, LLC
Debt Relief Center, Inc.
Debt Relief USA, Inc.
Debt Shield, Inc.
DR Options LLC (dba Debt Relief Options LLC)
EFA Processing, LP
Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc.
FBL Associates, PLLC
FBL Associates, PC
Freedom Debt Center
Freedom Debt Relief, LLC
Freedom Financial Network, LLC
Freedom Fidelity Management, Inc (dba Freedom Financial Management)
GHS Solutions, LLC
Global Client Solutions, LLC
Greenbyphone, Inc.
iVista Enterprise, Inc (dba ZeroDebt USA, Inc)
JEM Group, Inc
J Hass Group, LLC
JIO Reserves, Inc
LDL Freedom Enterprises (dba Financial Crossroads)
Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC
Legal Services Support Group, LLC
Lifeguard Financial, Inc.
Lifeguard Financial, LLC Inc.
Marshall Banks, LLC (dba Kazlow & Tucker Debt Relief)
National Consumer Legal Center, Inc.
Nationwide Support Services, Inc.
NoteWorld, LLC
Orion Processing LLC (dba World Law Direct , World Law Group, World Law Group America LLP, World Law Plan, World Law Processing, World Law Services & World Law Debt Settlement)
Persels & Associates LLC
Please Reduce My Debt, LLC
Quality Support Services, LLC
Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust
SCF State Capital Financial, Inc.
Sierra Financial Solutions, Inc.
Solid Ground Financial, LLC
Think Outside The Box Solutions, LLC


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  • Concerned with your practices

    really? funny to me how when i click on your debt settlement help page that it is reccomending 2 debt settlement companies. So is this really an article about rip offs? or is this another shady way of endorsing your programs? also why would you endorse a “debt settlement” company that does not have attorneys? so the people have giant “sue me ” targets on them?

    • Steve Rhode

      I think you missed the point. The link takes readers to independent debt coach Damon Day who can spend time assisting people to evaluate their situation first to determine if debt settlement is right for them.

      What in the world does an attorney add to the debt settlement process. People can freely do it themselves or work with a coach like those at,

      Do you think that going with an attorney for debt settlement prevents people from being sued? Really?

    • Damon Day

      Oh, ya, a creditor wouldn’t dream of suing anyone that has an attorney.
      Genius Clark…

      • Steve Rhode

        That commenter must be new to the debt relief world. Either that or they’ve not witnessed what you and I have seen over the last four years.

      • Damon Day

        So wait… Steve, do you mean to tell me that a letter from an attorney does not scare the creditors away?

        Even if it has scary words like cease and desist, or a request for validation? Certainly words like this will cause even the most ruthless debt collectors to curl under their desk, shove a thumb in their mouth and cry for their mommies.


      • Steve Rhode

        LOL. Now you’re just being funny.

      • Damon Day

        Are you saying that I am not always funny?

      • Steve Rhode

        Do you mean funny ha ha or funny odd?

      • Damon Day

        Depends on perspective. I have found that most people find me funny ha ha, but the people working for companies that take advantage of consumers find me funny in more of an obnoxious ass sort of way.

  • Taken2Cleaners

    with Credit Solutions of America not being on this list, I can only assume that this list is derived from a biased decision making matrix… so I write this off as an attempted money making scheme, as opposed to attempt of any sort to improve the country, the consumer experience, or the system

  • new user

    I agree with End _Legal_Extortion

  • Itdbenicetofindarealsuit

    Typical bogus “ambulance chasing” attys doing what they do “in the name of “”helping”” the poor consumers” as if the were anything but opportunistic blood suckers and bottom feeders

    Same ol. Nothing new under the sun

  • End_Legal_Extortion

    I’m a big fan of going after the companies that charged upfront fees that were harmful to consumers but when you start naming companies like Global, Noteworld, Rocky Mountain Bank and LowerMyBills, you then put yourself in the category of the “et al” bottom feeder who will drag everyone and their mother into a lawsuit just to get a huge settlement that your law firm will keep.  

    If you are truly acting in the best interest of the consumer (your clients) then go after just the companies who intentionally harmed consumers and maybe give the consumer the majority of the money you are awarded.

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