Avoid $100 Rewards Certificate Text – Scam Alert

The following information appears as a scam warning for consumers to avoid.

A loyal reader sent in a tip about a spam text message that is going out. The message as you can see below is short on details and dubious. I’ve covered other similar messages in the past.

The more troubling aspect of this message is that it prompts you to call a toll-free number. Most people don’t realize that when you call a toll-free number from any phone the person you are calling can capture the number you are calling from. This can lead to even more spam messages to a cell phone.

Others report continuing to receive these message regardless of what they do:

“this number has texted me over a dozen times through out the day with different cell phone numbers.

i replied STOP as it was written in the text to reply STOP to no longer receive messages from them, but it hasn’t stopped. i called and made it clear that i no longer wanted them to text me and that i kept replying STOP, and that if it continued i would call the police and file harassment charges on them, but it kept continuing. i called once again, i even recorded the conversation, i made him say that he would no longer call my cell phone, he wouldn’t reveal anything about the legitimacy of their business, they wouldn’t give me an address, they kept hanging up on me when i asked to speak to a supervisor.” – Source

If you’ve had any experience with this spam message, please post your comments below.

If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

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