I Can Make My Payments But Want to Get Out of Debt Faster Before I Propose. – Joshua

“Dear Steve,

So here is my question. I’m 32 years of age. I’m in credit card debt of about $25,000.00 with nothing to show but painful memories. I own no home, my vehicle is paid off, I have no kids.

I am however planning on asking my beautiful girlfriend to marry me this summer with a wedding date to be a year, 2 years off from now.

My problem is although I have a wonderful job in a gorgeous little village I don’t make that much. Actually after taxes and insurance comes out I bring home $10.00 an hour. So with that said I’ve looked into help with debt relief and I don’t make enough and or my debt to income is too high. My only asset is my vehicle. I do get side work from time to time but that is just extra money to sock into savings. In which I do have savings but it’s never enough correct…?

Last but not least my credit score is outstanding almost to the tune of 800 points that is. I owe no one, I mean no one money other than my credit card company. Advice on as to what direction I should head and or fall into so my credit stays good, without filling for bankruptcy??? PLEASE HELP!!!


Dear Joshua,

Congratulations on your upcoming proposal. How exciting!

Frankly this is an issue of income, not debt. It sounds as if you have a good grasp on what you need to do but lack the income to implement your plan.

The best way to deal with this without negatively impacting your credit would be to repay the debt rapidly with something like the free service provided by ReadyForZero.com, video below.

You could also inquire if an unsecured debt consolidation loan through someone like LendingClub would give you both a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment.

If those approaches don’t work for you, since you can afford your regular monthly payment you could try a credit counseling approach. You can click here for credit counseling information.

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A credit counseling approach will impact your credit a bit since the accounts you include in the program will be closed by the creditor.

If you’ve been open and honest with your bride to be about your financial situation you might just find that by jointing together you will have lower overall expenses and more income as a couple to use to tackle the debt.

With a bit of research and inquiry on your part there can be a way to achieve your goal and dig out of this hole over time. Checkout the above options and then come back and post a comment for me.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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