Moved to Canada from Dubai but Left Debt Behind. Collectors Threatening to Deport Me to Philippines

“Dear Steve,

Two (2) years ago I moved here in Canada from Dubai, UAE leaving around AED 85,000 of credit card and personal loan liabilities, which now has an outstanding balance of AED 110,000. I accumulated this amount of credit since I lost my job twice. The first one is for six months and second one is for seven months.

Just recently, they were able to trace my location and were do I work here in Canada. A certain person, whom he represent himself as bank personnel in legal department sent several e.mails to our company’s mail and even send via fax my account with stamp from the police that my account is approved for a police case.

He sends me messages and threatens me that Dubai CIDG will hunt me here in Canada since they already know my location and deport me to the Philippines if I will not pay my total liabilities. I want to settle my accountabilities, and negotiated for installment payment, but to no avail. I don’t have money to pay it one-time.

Would they be able to deport me in the Philippines and lose my permanent residency status here in Canada?

What is the worse case scenario that they can do against me?

What is the best thing that I need to do now, considering my financial situation?

Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you so much.”

Well it sounds like we have a couple of different issues. The first is the debt you left in Dubai. In a perfect world it would be a good idea to make some arrangement to repay that debt and clear it. Dubai does not have a process for consumer bankruptcy. If you can afford a repayment plan you can contact the lender or an attorney in the UAE to represent you with the creditors.

The second part about being approved for a police case sounds plausible and like a collections trick. in Dubai the police are buried in cases for bad debt. And it is true that people do get sentenced to jail in Dubai for delinquent debt. But I’ve never heard of anyone getting deported back to Dubai to stand trial or face jail.

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I would seriously doubt that there is anything they can do now to impact your residency status in Canada. According to the Canada website, someone that is convicted of a “serious crime” could be deported. – Source

For consumer debt, and especially the amount you owe, about $30,000 USD, it would be very unusual for your case to be considered “serious.” It’s a cvil matter between you and your creditor. The only situation I’ve heard that is even remotely possible would be if you had an active police case against you and you then went to a GCC country around Dubai. Those countries do cooperate with each other.

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6 thoughts on “Moved to Canada from Dubai but Left Debt Behind. Collectors Threatening to Deport Me to Philippines”

  1. Hi, i was terminated by my employer in abudhabi one year ago, i left from uae (to canada & didnt went to my home country pakistan ) leaving personal loan 100000dhs & credit card 18000 behind without informing to bank, now after one year collection agencies in home country threating to my family members in home country & still sending messages that they will catch me & will take action in canada as well, i just want to get solution for this as i was already planning to continue payments by installment but collection agencies need payment one time (which i dont have) what they can do in pakistan in my absence & can they go legal in canada & if they do the same will it be affect my application in canada ?

  2. I just found out that my fiance didn’t get deported 🙂 however, he left on his own terms. Also, when my fiance received the message from the collection agency, it was too late call back. Could they put a lien on our house? What legal actions can be taken here in Canada? The collection agency called from Canada and is in fact a Canadian collection agency because we researched it already. I am desperatly seeking advice knowing our closing date for our house it only 2 weeks away.
    Thanks Steve!!!

    • Don’t panic. Spend a few dollars and talk to a local attorney about perfecting a foreign debt in Canada for collection. They may be calling but that does not mean they can legally do anything but intimidate and ask. Until you talk to the attorney, don’t admit anything to the collection company.

      • Hello Steve, to make a long story short… I got deported from Canada back in 2009, left a debt of around 20k, after a 2.5 year battle with immigration I was able to come back. I was given a new social insurance number and it seemed like started from scratch. I have been here for 2 years now and like the lady on the comment above, im in the process of purchasing a home. everything is approved and ready to go, my credit score is perfect. but today I got a call from a collection agency here in Canada ( I missed the call but I googled the number) so im concerned of what could happen if in fact they call for me. I rather wait till everything with the house is done before I get in contact with them. I would really appreciate feedback.

  3. I have a quick question. My fiance got deported from Dubai 4 years ago. He owed 20,000 after he got deported. 4 years later, we decided to purchase a house and got a mortgage under his name. Our closing date is in 2 weeks. However, he got a call from a collection agency saying theres 3 issues under his name. We are so afraid of loosing our house. Is it possible? Our mortgage is approved. Could this situation affect it? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Btw, his credit score here in Canada is great.


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