Go Ahead, Take a Guess Which Countries Have the Most Credit Card Fraud

Now here is a study that will probably surprise some people. A recent survey by the Aite Group and ACI Worldwide of consumers who experience credit card fraud found some countries are much more at risk of consumers having their credit cards used fraudulently.

As someone who has lived and travelled to many countries outside of the United States, a natural assumption might be that there is a significant risk of using your credit card in some second and third world countries. Apparently that’s not true.

Consumers from Sweden and the Netherlands experience the lowest amount of credit and debit card fraud.

The countries at most risk are Mexico, United States, and India. In the survey, 44 percent of consumers in the United States said they had experienced credit or debit card fraud.

United Arab Emirates was at 36 percent.
United Kingdom fraud was at 34 percent.
Australia was at 31 percent.
South Africa was 25 percent.
Canada was 25 percent.

Apparently traveling most places outside of the U.S. places you at significantly less risk for credit card fraud.

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