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National American University Tossed Me Out of School. I’m a Veteran. – Christopher

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

The college I am attending National American Univ. told me they would acknowledge service duty in offering me per credit hour discount. They did not. Now only a few semesters from getting my BS in Applied Management they have literally thrown me out of school saying I have no financial aid left to finish. I have not heard from them since? This college should possible be taken off list point #1. (age 54- veteran DD214 after six years in army left (1990). Working for Federal Government 24 years now.

After serving in the military for six years Pre/911 and having worked for the Fed. Government for 24 years (mostly in N Y State) Is there any way I can get education debt absolved through service ?

Thank you,

Dear Chris,

This post will give you details on the public service forgiveness options. See Student Loan Public Service Loan Forgiveness – New Forms and Documentation Released.

But it sounds as if you feel you have a legitimate grievance regarding how your student loans were handled as a veteran. If so, please contact the Veteran’s Administration and ask for some assistance to resolve the problem.

According to some websites, it is reported that National American University “Offers tuition discounts for military students and veterans.”

At least one online complaint sounded somewhat similar to what you stated:

Been going to school at the Colorado Springs campus and to add to the comments, the financial aid department is a complete “joke”….If you are a veteran look for another school. They have “no clue” what they are doing, with VA paying all my schooling they stated that “I OWED MONEY”, well when the VA deposited my money for my next classes, they deducted what they said “I owed” without any kind of explanation on what the debt was for, VA in financial department is A JOKE! They won’t respond to questions and noone is ever there. Have filed a complaint with the BBB and with gthe VA…..Veterans look for another school. Also try to transfer credits as I have tried, have a better chance of going to winning the lottery. – Source

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