How Disabled Does a Patriot Have to Be to Have Student Loans Forgiven?

Recently President Trump directed the Department of Education to wipe out the federal student loan debt for 25,000 completely disabled veterans, who appear to be the group already in default. He received a lot of praise for this effort. One headline read “Trump’s debt forgiveness for disabled veterans is ‘our duty as Americans.” Watch the … Read more

Vote Here Now. Should Disabled Veterans Have Their Federal Student Loans Automatically Discharged?

The Department of Education has identified 42,000 veterans who are entitled to a federal student loan discharge without any risk of paying federal taxes on the forgiven debt. However, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said even though the Department of Education has matched student loan records with disability records from the Department of Veterans Affairs, … Read more

Military Servicemembers Get Hosed by Student Loan Servicers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has put out information that does a great job illustrating how badly military servicemembers have been and continue to be screwed over by crappy student loan servicers. Here is what the CFPB shared today. — The unique nature of life in the military can create financial challenges for servicemembers. This … Read more

Veterans Target of Financial Scammers – Beware

The Federal Trade Commission warns veterans and their families: Be wary of dishonest advisers offering “free” help with paperwork for pension claims. Unscrupulous lawyers, financial planners and insurance agents advise veterans over 65 to transfer their assets to a trust, or to invest in insurance products, so they can qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. … Read more

National American University Tossed Me Out of School. I’m a Veteran. – Christopher

“Dear Steve, The college I am attending National American Univ. told me they would acknowledge service duty in offering me per credit hour discount. They did not. Now only a few semesters from getting my BS in Applied Management they have literally thrown me out of school saying I have no financial aid left to … Read more

I Got Out of the Military, Went to Wyotech, and Now Want to Kill Myself Over Student Loans. – Dustin

“Dear Steve, I guess it all started after I got out of the military. I knew I needed to go to school in some capacity to hold a decent paying job. I decided life as an automotive technician would be great, I knew lots of relatives that had a modest life with such a career, … Read more