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“Dear Steve,

I opened an account with ATT over 10 years ago. I kept the account open after I switched to another carrier because my son had a second line on the account. For the last 5 years he has been maintaining the account. I was reviewing my credit report and came across a delinquent account with ATT for over $2400.00. I contacted my son who reported this matter was resolved and this is an error. I contacted ATT who reported the account was closed for non payment in December 2011.

Is there anyway to have this delinquency removed from my credit report. My son’s name is listed on the delinquency. He is willing to take responsibility for the debt. What is my next step?


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Dear Lorelyn,

It is/was your account and you are the responsible party. The fact you allowed your son to use the account was a deal between you and your son, not you and AT&T.

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If your son did pay off the account as he claims and he can provide some proof or evidence of his payment then this might be a simply administrative error. If he can’t provide any proof and AT&T has no record of payment then this all lands on you.

Maybe you and your son can call AT&T together so he can discuss this account and the record of his payment on your account. AT&T will most likely need your permission to talk to the non-account party, your son, about the account.

If he can prove he made the payment and you can resolve this matter with AT&T then the negative item will be removed from your credit report once AT&T updates their records. They are pretty good about doing that. If it remains on your credit report you can dispute that debt after it is resolved.

Unless he can prove that he paid the debt in full then it sounds like the listing on your credit report is accurate. This isn’t a matter of needing credit repair to deal with this. You need to deal with it with your son.

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The negative account will be reported on your credit report until about 2018 and if the old debt was sold to a debt buyer then you may get collection calls about it in the future.

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