Did This Student Loan Relief Company Just Put Out the Worst Ad Ever?

A reader and tipster sent in the image below of an advertisement they saw on Facebook.

They said, “Check out the attached Facebook ad – they are implying that their website, studentdebtsupport.org, which redirects to Streamline Student Loan, is a part of the College Affordability Act. They also claim in the same ad that “EVERYONE” qualifies for forgiveness, and to click the ad now to get your loans forgiven. Streamline Student Loans is located in East Bay, CA with a 925 area code. This is the most blatant deceptive marketing I’ve seen since I started looking into this stuff a year and a half ago.

Here is the screenshot the reader sent in.

Facebook advertisement that makes some odd statements.
Facebook advertisement that makes some odd statements.

I believe the picture in the advertisement above was edited with the student loan assistance company website from this photo.

Actual event photo. Notice a different website is actually in the banner.
Actual event photo. Notice a different website is actually in the banner.

What really sounded familiar from the information sent in by the reader was the similarity between the Facebook advertisement and allegations made by the FTC in a recent lawsuit filed against another company using manipulated government images. See this article.

From the recent FTC complaint, “Beyond claiming affiliations with and/or endorsements from the Recovery Board, the Department of Treasury, and other federal agencies, the complaint alleges that YouTube videos created by the scam’s operators included a purported personal endorsement from the President with an audio recording of him saying, “I approve this message.” – Source

And I do have to agree with the reader who felt the advertisement says everyone qualifies for student debt forgiveness. It certainly reads that way when it says “EVERYONE qualifies.”

Besides the domain name being fraudulently replaced in the photograph with President Obama the domain name listed in the ad, StudentDebtSupport.org, actually resolves to streamlinestudentloans.com, the website that says it is for Streamline Student Loan Relief. The fine print on the bottom of that website says, “Streamline Student Loans is a private advertising and marketing organization and is not a government entity, financial institution, nor a law firm. Streamline Student Loans is NOT affiliated with the Department of Education, Sallie Mae, or any other loan servicing agency. Streamline Student Loans does NOT service loans. Streamline Student Loans is an advertising and marketing company providing leads for and on behalf of Document Preparation, Submission and Tracking Service companies.” – Source

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I don’t know about you but it seems impossible that President Obama would stand behind the presidential seal and under a banner for “an advertising and marketing company providing leads for and on behalf of Document Preparation, Submission and Tracking Service companies.”

The website of the lead generation company is very quiet about where they are located. However the privacy policy mentions California and the telephone number they list is an area code used in California. – Source, Source

Some people have said they’ve received telephone calls from the number associated with this company.

telephone number screen shot

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The State of California did not list either an LLC or corporation registered to do business under the name Streamline Student Loan Relief.

Streamline Student Loan Relief CA Search

In my opinion, anyone who sees the advertisement shown above should be wary and do their homework before signing on the line to make sure who they are dealing with.

If you’d like to do some homework before you move ahead, consider reading these guides.

For some free help you can read The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford.

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