I’m a Low Income Single Mother With a Disabled Son and Collectors are Chasing Me. – Milla


“Dear Steve,

I had a car that was repossed around 2005. The car was sold but the creditors are coming after me saying I have to pay around 7,00 with interest of $43 monthly.

They had the sheriff come to my home with some court papers. I also had to fill out some papers the sheriff sent to my home, stating my income, living situation etc…A judgement was made against me without my knowledge, I found out because the creditors told me and now the creditors are saying I have to pay about 270 monthly which is impossible for me to do being that im a unemployed low-income single mother of 6 children. My income is very little, only income is SSI which I receive for my disabled son.

I really don’t want to file for bankruptcy but I may have to. The court papers I filled out, my income was exempt so the creditors know that it’s no way for me to pay that kind of money but yet they are harassing me with these letters and even called my house once. They have access to my credit report so I believe thats how they got my Phone#. My credit is really bad I diputed everything on my credit still waiting for response.

Is there any help for my situation besides bankruptcy? Is there any help for low-income people like myself.

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Dear Milla,

Ironically I just got off the phone with the sister of one of my longest friends. She is facing a similar situation. In her case the statute of limitations has expired on some old debt from an unfortunate time in her life but the collectors are chasing her still, with a vengeance.

In her case, like yours, the reason that bankruptcy is a reasonable consideration is that it will close the door forever on these old debts and allow you to focus on making today better for you and your family. It sounds like there is no reasonable expectation that you will be able to repay this debt.

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However, from what you have shared, there is no reason for you to go bankrupt except for the mental relief it will provide you. It does sound as if you are “judgment proof” with no assets to go after.

My suggestion would be for you to meet with a local bankruptcy attorney, for free, and discuss the situation with them. Only then can you make an informed decision about what to do.

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