I Have No Income and My Disabled Sister is Living in My House. – Steven

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been unemployed since September 12, 2008, the day of Hurricane Ike. I’m about to recieve my final Emergency Unemployment beneft within 2 weeks. I have absolutely no other income, nor job prospects.

I have a home which is rented out to my sister whom is disablef and unable to ever work. Those payments are current, but I have $15,000 dollars in credit card debt and over $3,000 in medical expenses.

My vehicle is current but will not be able to make my July’s payment or insurance and thereafter. The remainder balance is just over $15k. Umeployment was barely keeping me afloat for the time, but have no ideal what to do.

I cannot get my meds nor qualify for assistance, since I made over the required limit back in 2007. I don’t understand why most agencies want to know what I made 2 years ago to make a decision.

I have no savings, and only $12.52 in my checking acount.

Can I file Chapter 7 and do I need to include my home, which is rented out to my sister. I”m not making any money on it and I did it out of the kindness of my heart so she would have a place for her and the kids.

I feel so ashamed, and mad at the same time. It’s unfair that CEO’s are protecting their pockets and I get the shaft.

Please advise,


Dear Steven,

Fairness, you’re looking for fairness in an economic downturn. You will be grossly disappointed if fairness is the yardstick.

As far as specific Texas laws or regulations, you’ll have to speak to a Texas bankruptcy lawyer. Make some local calls and find a local bankruptcy attorney to go and meet with. Most offer a free bankruptcy consultation appointment so it won’t cost you anything.

It is unfortunate that you are down to the last check and just now searching for a solution. When you are up against a wall like you really have few, if any, good choices.

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I certainly understand your desire to keep the house for your sister but it is your asset she is living in and that creates a problem. I can’t imagine that the law looks at her presence as anything more than a tenant. But maybe you an the Texas bankruptcy attorney can come up with something clever.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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