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I’m 22 And Already Deep in Debt. What Should I Do? – Jerrica

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“Dear Steve, I am only 22 years old and i already have debt that I can’t handle. It’s not in the hundred thousands but I want to stop it before it gets to that point. I have a little less than $5,000 in debt and I have no job. I don’t even own a car or house that i could ... Read More »

    Former Accountant, Single Mom, and Tapped Out. – Cathy

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    “Dear Steve, Have been an accountant for 40 years. A single mom of two boys who had mental health issues which translated to criminal issues and all the expenses meant I saved nothing. I used credit cards to start and keep a business afloat. It folded a couple of years ago. I took a new job which promised many perks ... Read More »

      I Have No Income and My Disabled Sister is Living in My House. – Steven

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      “Dear Steve, I’ve been unemployed since September 12, 2008, the day of Hurricane Ike. I’m about to recieve my final Emergency Unemployment beneft within 2 weeks. I have absolutely no other income, nor job prospects. I have a home which is rented out to my sister whom is disablef and unable to ever work. Those payments are current, but I ... Read More »

        James in the UK is Feeling Horrible About His Situation.

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        “Dear Steve, I’m a student going into my second year and have got myself into a lot of debt. I owe £350 to a payday loan company (who are threatening me with bailifs) £244 phone bill (contract monthly £35) £240 for my first months rent on house I have no income whatsoever till I get my student loan in septemeber ... Read More »

          I Have No Job. Should We Consolidate Our Debt or Go Bankrupt? – David

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          “Dear Steve, I lost my job a little over two years ago and have not been able to find more than sporadic freelance work since. My wife is the sole income as of now. The problem was like a perfect storm, in that COBRA ate through our savings, and we racked up between $30,000 to $40,000 in debt (a good ... Read More »

            I Had a Baby, Lost My Job, and Can’t Pay My Credit Cards. – Amanda

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            “Dear Steve, In October 2008 I lost my job. I have 2 credit cards through Capital One and could not afford to make any type of payments on them bacause I had to pay for food and housing and a baby. I am single so no support from a spouse either to at least pay a little towards card. I ... Read More »

              I Am Completely Broke and Need to Make Money Now. – Jackie

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              Jackie “Dear Steve, Lost Job. Car not working I am completly broke, Cant get anyone to wortk on car so I can apply for jobs. If I do get a job it will be 3 weeks before I can get a pay check. Do You know of anything I can do? Waitressing will provide a lil instant Money, But Places ... Read More »

                I Have No Job, No House, No Car and No Way of Paying Back My Debt. – Diana

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                “Dear Steve, Hi. I have about 9-10 credit cards and about $25,000-$30,000 in debt. I have no job, no house, no car and no way of paying it off. I can’t predict when I will be able to find a job. I just recently been late on my payments. I really don’t know what to do. Would bankruptcy be the ... Read More »

                  I’m in College and Getting Sued by CapitalOne. What Do I Do? – John

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                  “Dear Steve, Full time college student with debt from credit cards and past balance for a college in California. I’m a 21 year old college student (about a year left of school) My student loans are all deferred until I graduate, but I have two credit cards and a balance from a college I used to attend in California. The ... Read More »

                    Can I Go Bankrupt Even Though I Used the Credit Cards to Get By? – Lee

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                    “Dear Steve, Since last March, I have charged $30,000.00 in Credit Card purchases. The bulk of this was March thru May 2008. In May My hours were reduced (At that point I was using my credit card for survival. I.E. Groceries, Gas, Utilities, Car Repairs and needs). In August I was laid off and still am. In Mid December I ... Read More »

                      How Do I Get The Phone to Stop Ringing With Debt Collectors? – Renee

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                      URGENT QUESTION! Renee “Dear Steve, My husband and I have both been unemployed since the first of November. We have two small children, two mortgages (total exceeds current market value), and several unsecured debts (nearly $20000). We are currently unable to even pay minimums. The mortgage company will begin foreclosure if we don’t pay them $1500 within the week. We ... Read More »

                        I Had a Western Michigan University Credit Card. I’m Now Getting Sued On It. – Martha

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                        “Dear Steve, I am being sued by a debt collector/attorney’s office on an old WMU credit card account which was closed over 2 years ago. I’ve told them in writing that I have no income other than unemployment and no assets. My court date is scheduled end of January. This week I got a letter from them “subpeoning” me to ... Read More »

                          I’m Frantic and Don’t Know Where to Turn – Karen

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                          “Dear Steve, I’m frantic and don’t know where to turn. My husband of 20+ years informed me recently that he hasn’t been generating income through his business, so he has been taking out cash advances on credit cards, running up lines of credit on our home and other rental property, and depleted all his 401(k) accounts. He’s done all this ... Read More »

                            Where Can I Get a Loan to Pay For Debt Settlements? – Yonaton

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                            “Dear Steve, I am a college student who has over 10 grand in personal credit card debt and I am getting chased by Barclay Card for a DirectTV Rewards Visa and Chase Bank for an Amazon and Amtrack credit card. This week I got a letter from Chase saying they were going to take me to court over the money ... Read More »

                              I Lost My Job Two Months Ago and Have $19,000 in Credit Card Debt. – Steve

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                              Because of the volume of submitted questions, I am behind in personally answering every single one. I need your help. I am publishing the question below for you to answer. Please help this person by adding your response and advice in the comments section of the original question. Click here. “Dear Steve, Have a total of 19,000 in credit card ... Read More »

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