I’m Taking Oxycontin and Roxicodone. I Can’t Think Straight to Deal With My Debt I Ran Up in My Husband’s Name. – Cynthia

“Dear Steve,

I am on disability and ran up 17000 in credit card debt in my husbands name and he can’t file bankruptcy or he will loose his job.

I only get 11.00 an hour on disability and have applied for social security disability and keep getting turned down. the company I hired Binder & Binder are not helping me at all. They said they could help when they first took my case, but they never send the right paperwork like they want to wait until the last minute so they can make more money.

I have to do everything myself and I am sick and on Oxycotin 20 mgs 4 times a day and roxycodone 4 times a day. I can’t think straight while I am doing all these. Have tumors in my liver and tumors in my uterus and have a hard time doing anything right.

I think that is why the debt happened because I cant think straight and charged stuff without realizing it now I am in trouble. My husband thinks we will loose our house and I can hardly afford to go to the doctor anymore or buy groceries.

I know for a fact that debt settlements companys don’t do what they are suppose to what else can I do? thanks?

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P.S. I don’t even know how to subscribe to the rss feed you are talking about to watch for my answer. Seems like I can not learn anything new on all these drugs. They make you crazy and I hate them, but if I don’t take them, I can’t do anything anyway because I am always in pain for almost 2 years now.”

Dear Cynthia,

I had to look it up to double check but OxyContin and Roxicodone are the same drug with different names. If you are taking both at the same time you may be overmedicating yourself. If you are taking both, please check with your medical doctor immediately.

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The side effects of OxyContin are:

  • shallow breathing, slow heartbeat;
  • seizure (convulsions);
  • cold, clammy skin;
  • confusion;
  • severe weakness or dizziness; or
  • feeling light-headed, fainting.
  • nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite;
  • dizziness, headache, tired feeling;
  • dry mouth;
  • sweating; or
  • itching.

What kind of job does your husband have that he fears he would loose in bankruptcy? Please

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5 thoughts on “I’m Taking Oxycontin and Roxicodone. I Can’t Think Straight to Deal With My Debt I Ran Up in My Husband’s Name. – Cynthia”

  1. Steve, with all due respect, please don’t give anyone medical advise. Oxycontin and Roxicodone are NOT the same drug; they only contain the same active ingredient, which is oxycodone-hydrochloride. There is a REASON why both medications are taken at the same time, and it does NOT constitute over-medicating. OxyContin is a time-release formulation which dispenses the oxycodone (20mgs in this lady’s case) over the course of 12 hours; this is to keep a steady, therapeutic level of the drug in the body throughout the day (without “peaks” or “falls”, which can cause distress in patients). Roxicodone, on the other hand, is an instant-release formulation; it is designed to be absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly and go to work as quickly as it is digested. This is because patients suffering from pain experience “breakthrough pain”, which is increased peaks of pain at any random/arbitrary time. The Roxicodone knocks out the big leaps in pain by providing extra relief, while the OxyContin (as the name itself implies) provides constant relief of normal pain throughout the day.

    It’s hard enough for people like Cynthia and myself to get the medications we need, and we certainly don’t need more misinformation or propaganda being spread to heighten paranoia. I know you gave your advice in good faith, but think about the consequences it has for other people when you say ignorant and untrue things about drugs (which are already foolishly stigmatized) which other people depend on to live (and some as a last resort to suicide).

    • Derick,

      So what advice do you have for Cynthia regarding her issue of “I can’t think straight while I am doing all these [medications].” My advice was to check with her doctor in hopes her medication could be adjusted to allow her to overcome her issue of “I think that is why the debt happened because I cant think straight and charged stuff without realizing it now I am in trouble.”

      An alternative pharmaceutical approach may eliminate the side effects of her current therapy or it may be related to a different issue but as I said, “please check with your medical doctor immediately.”


    • you are right about the pills, i sniff both oxys and shoot roxis. they are differennt but i know i sniff about 80mg of oxis a day and do 120 mgs of roxis a day and i defitnetly cant think stright

  2. He is the supervisor of the Water Authority and He can’t file Bankrupty because we have filed bankruptcy before and he is suppose to be running a multimillion dollar plant and if they said he if can’t manage his own money then he can’t manage the plant and we can’t loose his job, he is the only income we have.


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