Helping America Group – You Used Them Yet?

I just published a post where I took a look at recent job postings. The post mentioned a debt relief company I was not familiar with, Helping America Group.

It appears the company is a recently converted corporation to an LLC and the contact person for the company is Jeremy Marcus. – Source

The company says, “We are a risk management company that works with you and your debt,” among other things. – Source

Apparently the company is excited about something called “debt dismissal.” They describe it by saying, “Debt dismissal, on the other hand, means the debt in its entirety does not have to be paid back. There are basically two kinds of debt dismissals. A debt can be dismissed with or without prejudice. In simplest terms, without prejudice means the plaintiff or debt collector has the option to sue you again. With prejudice means the case is truly over and he does not have the option to sue you again for the remainder of the debt.” – Source

Helping America Group, or HAG as they call themselves, describes how to get your debt dismissed. They say, “The first step in getting debt dismissed is to stay involved and show up for court dates. It’s estimated that at least 60 percent of people who are sued don’t even participate in the lawsuits that are filed against them. This almost guarantees that the creditor will win the case. Another important aspect of getting debt dismissed is asking the debt collector to prove the case. This is called debt verification. Verification would at minimum include a description of the amount that you are told you owe and the name and address of the creditor that originally held the debt. Debt collectors are legally required to prove that you owe exactly what they say you owe. Many times they can’t. This is because when a creditor sells a particular account to a debt buyer the proper documentation doesn’t always follow.”

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HAG describes themselves by saying, “Helping America Group (“HAG”) is not an attorney at law and does not give legal advice. It is not a credit counseling service or a debt management or debt relief company. HAG works directly and in conjunction with clients who are not currently involved in litigation for debt related matters that the client discloses to HAG in its agreement with HAG. In the event a client of HAG becomes involved in litigation for a debt related matter pertaining to a debt that HAG has been working to get dismissed, HAG will recommend an attorney or attorney network to represent client and HAG if necessary and applicable. Inquire further for more details.”

Feel free to contact them for more details.

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I did find it interesting the HAG site links to consumerrightsfirm.com, a purported law firm that deals with consumer debt issues. [The link was a cookie the site tossed up when I visited it and there was a stylesheet link in the source code.]

The Consumer Rights Firm USA website says the firm is located at 5550 Glades Road, STE 500, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, which happens to be a virtual office space. – Source, Source

According to the State of Florida, Consumer Rights Firm, P.A. president is Otto Berges. – Source

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10 thoughts on “Helping America Group – You Used Them Yet?”

  1. I signed for assistance with helping America group about 3 yrs ago. Started paying but no services. Took several months of constantly contacting them to get anything. The cost which seemed reasonable at the time increased to an exit image amount. I’ve been paying over $500/month for three yrs and still owe the money over $6k. They finally helped reach a settlement with the credit card company and I’ve been paying $300 per month which isMORE than was asked plus I have paid ahead HOWEVER, the credit card company dings my credit report EVERY month. I have talked to several “supervisors” at Helping America/Breeze with assurances it will be taken care of. Problem seems to be no one stays employed long enough to get anything done. By the time I finish paying the cc company AND the now called Breeze company I will have paid about the same as if I hadn’t contacted them. Glad I found this site. I’m going to contact Florida Attorney General as suggested. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE THISCOMPANY!

  2. I came across helping America group when I was looking for a loan to consolidate my higher interest rate loan. I explained that to them and they said they could help me out and for a much lower payment. They also wanted to include old medical bills in this new loan. It seemed like such an amazing deal at the time so I went ahead with sending over my bank account information and verified my identity. I received a call where I needed to be on the phone with them while electronically signing a 60+ page contract. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me as it was contradicting every thing that was discussed. I kept being reminded that if I took to long to initial and sign, the program would restart and I’d have to begin all over, pressed fortime myself, I hurried thru it. I printed/saved as pdf a copy once I was finished and began reading it later that night. I began researching them and found too many complaints about the service so I emailed the two gentlemen that had helped me and I stated that I wanted to cancel the contract. I thought this would be sufficient as they took my identity verification and bank account information thru email, why not a cancellation request. Besides I still had not paid any money and they clearly explained that until the had a first payment they could not begin contacting my creditors. No one answered me. I got an email from an account manager a week later wanting to speak to me about verifying creditors and balances, I told her that I had requested to cancel my agreement with the company. She told me that I couldn’t do that thru email to call them right away. I called and basically got the run around and told I could not cancel. I printed out the notice to cancel and signed it and emailed it in and mailed a copy but no one ever received it. I have turned to the ftc, bbb, and attorney general of Florida to help shut them down. They ended up withdrawing the 1st payment despite my attempt to cancel via email phone mail and fax. They have tried to bully me into just accepting a limited time contract with Breeze Financial Solutions for a lower payment but I decided that I did not want any of it. I will be seeking legal counsel for the ngpenterpris that is now showing up on my credit report for the full amount of the loan they were supposed to be giving me. Stay away from these people. Other businesses in Florida have been shut down by the attorney general. Please let them know if you have been a victim of their deception.

    • I am going thru the same thing , ant advice on how to cancel this, they now have a company called RAM instead of 321loans and I want out, my credit is worse than it was when i started and they haven’t done anything. I have not received anything they promised.

  3. I contacted America group last September after hearing an ad on my Sirius xm radio. When I called I dealt with a sales representative from Orlando Florida I believe. He explained in detail what the program was all about. To sum it up he said that they will give me a loan for the total amount of debt I owe and they will use that loan to settle or pay off my accounts. He promised me that once I start the program I will see a huge difference in my credit within 6 months and that creditors will stop calling and they will stop attacking my credit. My job was to make sure I send in any collections notices I receive to them. I have been sending everything I get from collection agencies to them but nothing has been done for me. So much that I in fact got a judgement on my credit and my bank account was levied. I called helping America group and 321 loans and they played the game of “that shouldn’t have happened we will get right on it” I then told them to just cut me a check for my loan and I will do all the work. They said they can’t do that which means they never actually gave me liquid funds to begin with. I gave them a year of my time and I lost almost 3,000 dollars in payments to them to back a loan that doesn’t exist. Since I stopped services they someone took a non existing loan and make it a legitimate loan and put it on my credit report as debt owed.i am now claiming bankruptcy. I would love to sue the company I just don’t know where to start.

      • I spoke to a lawyer and told me that they are fraudulent and unfortunately I found out too late the loan amount that they supposedly gave me they were somehow able to report it to the credit bureau and it’s over 10,000 dollars. So now I have to take legal actions against them because I did not have access to those funds which makes it a not valid loan


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