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Will Consolidating My Student Loans Stop My Wage Garnishment?

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Dear Steve,

Recently contacted by consolidation group about consolidating my student loans I also have a wage garnishment on my recent paystub’s from my college institution I was wondering if consolidation would remove that garnishment from my current paystub’s the person I spoke to you about the consolidation told me that that would not remove it but your website if I’m not mistaken says otherwise please let me know

Well consolidating my student loans remove a current wage garnishment from my current employer through my college institution

In It Deep


Dear In It Deep,

This all depends if these are federal student loans. Federal student loan wage garnishments can be easily stopped. See The Easiest Way to Stop a Student Loan Wage Garnishment – Loan Rehabilitation.

If this was a private student loan or debt owed to a school and they sued you, won a judgment, and then garnished your wages, you will have to talk to the entity that sued you or a lawyer who is licensed in your state to attempt to negotiate an end to the garnishment.

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