We Have $100K in Credit Card Debt That We Need to Deal With

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Question: Dear Steve, We have over $100k in credit card debt that has accrued over time due to various unfortunate life situations. We are current on all of our debt, however, we only make the minimum payments and cannot make a dent in the debt. We were on the verge of a bankruptcy filing, but … Read more

Is Supreme Advocates Related to Arete Financial Freedom?

Question: Dear Steve, It has just been brought to my attention that this organization that popped up is run by Loc Phu AKA Oliver Pomazi of Arete Financial demise. It looks like this is “fronted” by Samson Ly, who is a lifelong friend of Loc Phu’s. Answer: I have no way to know if the … Read more

What Ever Happened to Clearing Solutions and What is Citadel Document Solutions?

Question: Dear Steve, Does anyone know what happened to Clearing Solutions? The BBB shows serious complaints and that the BBB has exhausted all forms of contact trying to reach the company. I noticed internet complaints mentioning that Golden Financial Services used Clearing Solutions to service their clients. Between all the complaints connecting Golden Financial Services … Read more