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Collection Agencies

I Sold My MacBook for $600 and Spent The Money Before Shipping the Computer. – Catlin

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“Dear Steve, 19 year old student, no credit history. in late April, early May I attempted to sell a macbook computer on ebay, which I was in possession of, it sold, however I didn’t realize the time period to ship, I was in the midst of taking my first finals of my 1st year. The money for the computer was ... Read More »

    My Mother Took Out Credit Cards in Her Name So I Could Use Them. – Sheryl

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    “Dear Steve, My mother took out credit cards in her name so that I could use them as long as I made the monthly payments. I declared bankruptcy three years ago so obtaining credit was difficult. The problem is that I lost my job and I am unable to continue paying on these. I do not want to ruin my ... Read More »

      We Don’t Think We Owe All The Money On Our Credit Cards. – Andrea

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      “Dear Steve, We are seriously in credit card debt. We don’t believe we owe $42,000.00 on 3 credit cards. We haven’t been getting any of our statements, made payments and they call us at home constantly, call us at our jobs, and say that they haven’t recieved any payments from us. We need help and don’t know what to do. ... Read More »

        Can the Collection Agency Really Garnish My Wages Without Going to Court? – Ellen

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        “Dear Steve, I have a credit card debt that is going on three years. It has now been turned over to a collection agency wanting me to pay a huge amount to settle that I cannot afford, I offered monthly payments that I could afford, and now they say they are going to garnish my wages. Can that you done ... Read More »

          Can a Collection Company Charge Us For a Letter Saying We Paid? – Meyam

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          “Dear Steve, My husband and I are saddled with credit card debts including unpaid utilities from 3 foreclosed properties. We are looking to rent in an income restricted community which is the only one we can afford. However, to qualify, we were told to pay off our utilities as the first step to clear our credit. We called one of ... Read More »

            We’ve Been Struggling Below Poverty With Collection Agencies Chasing Us. – Dina

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            “Dear Steve, ‘ve been a single parent for the last 19 years of two children who receives SSI and my daughter’s survivor death benefit as our family’s sole source of income for the last 5 years. Before that it was welfare and FS only. I was not always able on my limited income (below poverty level) to make ends meet ... Read More »

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