How Can We Get Portfolio Recovery Associates to Really Validate a Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, We are disputing a collections account with Portfolio Recovery Associates for just over $500. They bought the debt from Synchrony Bank in 2019 and have been reporting on it since. The Synchrony account was from 2017, so it’s past the SOL in our state. The debt was from a one-day transaction at …

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Rapid Reader Questions: Walmart, Apartment, Credit Risk, College

Q: Does a credit union have to provide a member in writing the amount of interest paid on a loan for tax purposes? A: Depends on what kind of loan it is. Reporting would be voluntary or required by IRS on certain types of loans. Q: How can a financial company put a charge off …

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Rapid Reader Questions, Debt Consolidation, Navient, Credit Score, Fraud, and More

Q: Is it legal for a mortgage company to all of a sudden demand a deferment balance from 10 years ago now, or will they foreclose on the home I am one month behind on the monthly payment? A: That sounds a lot like a balloon mortgage (a mortgage in which a large portion of …

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