What is a Cost Effective Way to Get Out of Debt in Pennsylvania?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 5 c.c (in default) and 1 unsecured loan (not in default) totaling approximately $48,000 in my name. And, I co-signed for one unsecured loan also in default. The co-signed creditor is suing but has offered a re-payment agreement in lieu of going to court. My friend, whom I co-signed for … Read more

The Oliver Law Group, Another Law Firm Pitching 18% Fee for Debt Settlement. But This Time With a Loan.

So yesterday I wrote about a law firm that wants to charge consumers 18% fees and the sales pitch was non-lawyer debt settlement companies are horrible so you need to go with a law firm instead. Today, Stan, a tipster (send in your tips here), from California, sent me a copy of a letter they … Read more

Sorry We Went With Debt Management – Amber

“Dear Steve, About 6 months ago, my husband and I decided to go with a debt management company to help with the relief of our credit card debt. It’s been a bigger mess than I ever thought it would be. There have been no payments made to any of my credit card companys because apparently … Read more