Can You Go to Jail if You Don’t Pay a Bill?

Just out is a very interesting video from my friends over at Cambridge Credit Counseling about debtors’ prison and the current realities. Disturbing new reports indicate that debt collectors in Missouri, Illinois, Alabama and a few other states are using a legal loophole to justify jailing poor citizens who legitimately cannot pay their debts. It … Read more

If a Creditor Sues You For a Debt, Show Up or Risk an Arrest Warrant and Jail

It’s getting more attention these days, the concept that debtors prison is resurfacing. And while that’s not exactly true, you can’t be thrown into prison for debt. But there is more coverage about debtors that are being arrested and taken to jail. Mostly just for processing but some are sitting behind bars as they wait … Read more

Indiana Closes Debtors’ Prison in Vanderburgh County

In 2009 a local Indiana county court was doing some very bizarre things when it came to debtors. Apparently the local court was threatening debtors with contempt if they did not make payment arrangements to pay judgments against them, even if they were exempt from paying. It is reported that the Indiana judge had this … Read more

The History of Credit & Debt – Debtors’ Prison

At last, our journey through financial history has reached a point where we recognize dollars and credit.   From Massachusetts, a 1729 Judgment to make payment or be thrown in jail.   During the early years of the United States, up to the mid-1800s, you could get tossed in prison for failing to pay back … Read more