Crazy Student Loan Assistance Marketing Call Winds Up at Riverwalk Debt Solutions Supervised by Court Appointed Receiver

I received the following audio file of one of those automated dialer student loan assistance calls so many people, including myself, receive on a daily basis. I hate to characterize the call but just simply from a logic point of view it makes little sense. What you will hear is the call begins with an …

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Can I Trust Riverwalk Financial Corporation to Help Me?

Question: Dear Steve, Looking into student loan debt consolidation and possibly lowering my payments. Have you heard of or have any information on Riverwalk Financial Corporation? Are they reputable? I saw an ad about them offering student loan relief and debt consolidation. I don’t know who to trust. Nancy Answer: Dear Nancy, Questions of trust …

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Here is an Interesting Twist on a Debt Scam. Consumer Debt Ponzi Scam.


A federal grand jury has indicted three men on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, identity theft, and money laundering, arising from an alleged $364 million investment fraud scheme. The indictment was returned under seal on September 11, 2018, and unsealed on September 18, 2018, upon the arrests of the defendants. Charged in the indictment are: …

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