Can I Trust Riverwalk Financial Corporation to Help Me?

Question: Dear Steve, Looking into student loan debt consolidation and possibly lowering my payments. Have you heard of or have any information on Riverwalk Financial Corporation? Are they reputable? I saw an ad about them offering student loan relief and debt consolidation. I don’t know who to trust. Nancy Answer: Dear Nancy, Questions of trust … Read more

Is It Illegal for AES to Consolidate All My Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, After graduation, I consolidated my loans thru AES. I had 7 loans (5 federal & 2 private). AES said it could only consolidate the federal loans, but not the private loans because PLs were not government loans, subsidized & are structured differently. This explanation made sense to me & I only asked … Read more

Keith Writes in And Wants To Know “Should I Consider Debt Consolidation For a Fee?”

Keith “I have $30,000 in credit card debt plus $160,000 in home loans and business loans. Should I consider debt consolidation from a company that charges me a fee each month?” Keith, Excellent question and my answer may surprise you, Yes! Nonprofit credit counseling programs brag that many of them are free or at a … Read more

I Need to Get My Student Loans Out of Forbearance?

Quinton “Dear Steve, I need to get my student loans out of forberrence? What is the best way to consolidate? Quinton” Dear Quinton Forbearance and consolidation are two different things. If your student loans are in forbearance they are on hold, not requiring any payments from you right now. But while they are on hold, … Read more

I am an Authorized User on a Credit Card. Can I Consolidate These Debts? – Mary

I apologize in advance for the short response. I am currently away on vacation with limited internet but wanted to give you an answer as soon as possible. Steve “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy 8 years ago so when I started to re-establish my credit, I did so by being an “authorized user” on my … Read more