Freedom Debt Relief Facing More Court Actions Since Being Sued by CFPB

It cannot be fun times at Freedom Debt Relief right now given the number of actions that have placed them in the crosshairs. It looks like the bad times are continuing. While I was checking on any updates regarding the suit by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Freedom Debt Relief (more here and here) … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Strategy to Use National Litigation Law Group Takes a Turn

Thanks to an awesome reader it was pointed out that there have been some interesting developments discovered as a result of the court action by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Freedom Debt Relief. The reader directed me to a public court document from July of 2017 where Andrew Houser, an afable smart guy in … Read more

Why the Freedom Debt Relief Suit by the CFPB is Much Ado About Something

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a number of people in the debt relief space since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed suit against Freedom Debt Relief and Andrew Houser. Those in the debt relief industry know Houser to be a smart and friendly guy who has created the largest debt settlement company. The … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Responds to Pain in the Ass CFPB Lawsuit

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In response to a formal complaint filed against Freedom Debt Relief by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on November 8, the company today issued the following statement to its family of clients, employees, and communities it serves: Freedom Family – Yesterday the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) … Read more

Details on Andrew Houser and Freedom Debt Relief Getting Slammed in CFPB Lawsuit

Details from the suit filed today by the CFPB present an interesting set of facts. Some of these issues almost every debt settlement company in the United States must deal with on a daily basis. The CFPB complaint makes these interesting statements. “Freedom instructed its customers who had been making payments to their creditors to … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Sued by CFPB for Misleading Debt Settlement Services

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today filed a lawsuit against Freedom Debt Relief, the nation’s largest debt-settlement services provider, and its co-CEO Andrew Housser for deceiving consumers. The CFPB alleges that Freedom charges consumers without settling their debts as promised, makes customers negotiate their own settlements, misleads them about its fees and the reach … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Finally Resolves NH Issue

It took five years but an issue dragging along behind Freedom Debt Relief has finally been evicted. Back in the pre-TSR days Freedom was sued in New Hampshire. Freedom has used their own skills and settled the debt that was generated by the issue. According to the Union Leader, “Nearly 100 New Hampshire residents are … Read more

Most Prefer to Deal with Debt Online. So Why Can’t They?

While this news comes out of England, it is as equally true here in the U.S., in my opinion. I’ve always been amazed that someone has not developed a completely automated online system to help people interface with their creditors, manage their money and help them invest. This sort of solution would also help to … Read more

Freedom Financial Network Posts Results for Second Quarter of 2015

San Mateo, Calif. (PRWEB) July 22, 2015 Freedom Financial Network (FFN), the largest negotiator of consumer debt in the nation, reports results for the first quarter of 2015 that include negotiation of $279.8 million of debt for clients. The results represent an increase of 10.2 percent over the first quarter. During the second quarter, FFN … Read more

Andrew Houser Praises the FTC for Telemarketing Sales Rules

I wish I had a time machine to go back two years and tell Andrew Houser of 2010 that he’d be praising the FTC for implementing the Telemarketing Sales Rules in 2012. In a syndicated article out today, Houser, the CEO of Freedom Financial Network says this about the FTC changes: “Prior to the implementation … Read more

Freedom Financial Network & Freedom Debt Relief to Refund Almost All Clients Under Settlement

Thanks to a reader who alerted me, I discovered Freedom Financial Network, Freedom Debt Relief, Global Client Solutions, Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust, Andrew Houser and Bradford Stroh have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against them and refund millions in consumer fees. According to the agreement, people eligible for refunds of fees paid include … Read more

Lloyd Ward & Associates and Meracord Hit With RICO Class Action Suit Apparently Open to All Clients

Yesterday the law firm of Hagens Berman filed a class action suit (3:12-cv-05657) in the State of Washington against Meracord (Formerly NoteWorld), Linda Remsberg personally, Lloyd E. Ward, Lloyd Ward PC, Lloyd Ward & Associates, The Lloyd Ward Group, Lloyd Ward Group II, Ward Holdings Inc, and Settlement Compliance Commission. This marks the second active … Read more

Illinois Class Action Filed Against Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, Debtmerica, Global Client Solutions and Others

A May, 2012 class action lawsuit filed by Theresa Driscoll and others has just been moved to Federal court. The case was filed against Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, Debtmerica, Global Client Solutions, Andrew Houser, and Bradford Stroh. The case claims the Defendants violated the Illinois Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act {“IDSCPA”) and Illinois … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Secures Funding to Advance Sales Reps

The following guest post is by Andrew Houser from Freedom Debt Relief. I asked him to provide us all with more information about his new approach at fronting sales representatives commissions while Freedom waits to collect the fees earned from consumers. Upfront Affiliate Payments on No Advance Fee Programs: Giving Affiliates the Opportunity to Move … Read more

The Wild Ride in Debt Relief – Andrew Housser

The following guest post was contributed by Andrew Houser. Andrew Housser is co-founder and co-CEO of Freedom Financial Network, LLC, the parent of Freedom Debt Relief, which has settled over $1 billion in debt for its customers in the past 8 years. He sits on the executive board of the American Fair Credit Council (formerly … Read more