Donald Trump Allegedly Groped Woman and Then Gave Her Debt Settlement Advice

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been in an increasing cesspool of sexual assault allegations following his own words and his denial at the last presidential debate that he had assaulted women. While watching the video statement of Summer Zervos who was a cast member on the Apprentice I was very surprised to hear at the … Read more

My Husband Sexually Assaulted Our Daughter and I’m Locked in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With Him. – Patty

“Dear Lewis, Filed for joint chapter 13 bankruptcy Found out husband was sexually assaulting 10 year old daughter moved out sought divorice his attourney is convertiing him to a chpter 7 to much leagal mumbo jumbo going through my head I have a question for you- My husband an i filed for a joint chapter … Read more

My Husband Sexually Assaulted Our Daughter While I Worked a Second Job to Afford Bankruptcy Payments. – Patty

“Dear Lewis, My husband and I filed bankruptcy in Feb 2010- because he lost his job after the bankruptcy was filed and he had a child support obligation they take the payment from me every 2 weeks. 286.00 dollars. At this point all the payments are made by garnishment of my wages. i cannot live … Read more