Operators of Student Loan Debt Relief Scheme Banned From Providing Debt Relief Services as Part of Settlement with FTC

The operators of a student loan debt relief scheme are banned from providing debt relief services and have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they collected illegal upfront fees and falsely promised to lower or even eliminate consumers’ loan payments or balances. In its 2019 complaint the FTC alleged that Student Advocates Team … Read more

I Thought Progress Advocates Group and Equitable Acceptance Was the Department of Education Servicer

Question: Dear Steve, I am apparently paying equitable acceptance for my loan through progress advocates group for consolidating my student loan for four years now and I thought they were with the department of education so I’m a little confused and tried to Google and found these articles. Is this still going on? Please help … Read more

Equitable Acceptance Named in Suit by FTC in Student Loan Assistance Scheme. Contracts Not Due.

Equitable Acceptance has apparently taken the position they are nothing more than a contract financing company for the student loan assistance industry. They also state they are involved in other industries as well. But in the student loan assistance space, Equitable Acceptance has seemingly enabled fly-by-night student loan debt relief companies to pop up, make … Read more

Deep Dive Into NY Suit Against Student Loan Assistance Companies

Earlier today I wrote NY Sues a Bunch of Student Loan Debt Relief Companies and Equitable Acceptance Corporation and now I have a few minutes to take a deep dive into the complaint. Let’s see what the State of New York claims the facts to be against Debt Resolve, Hutton Ventures, Progress Advocates, Progress Advocates … Read more

NY Sues a Bunch of Student Loan Debt Relief Companies and Equitable Acceptance Corporation

The State of New York has announced a sweep against student loan assistance and debt relief companies. The New York AG office announcement boldly says, “Companies Contacted Borrowers through Direct Mail, Facebook Ads, and Telemarketing – Falsely Claiming to be Affiliated with Federal Government; Making Multiple Misrepresentations to Get Consumers to Enroll; and Charging Illegal … Read more