Well Bless Danny’s Heart – EAC Student Loan Contracts – Biz Op Refund

Today Damon Day and I talk about three quick topics. The first is a reader comment from our last podcast on debt validation. Danny sure is irritated by the podcast. Next, we talk about the termination of financing agreements for student loan assistance services. Finally, we discuss how the FTC is sending refund checks to … Read more

The Quiet End of Equitable Acceptance Funding Student Loan Assistance

Yesterday the Court granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement against Defendants Equitable Acceptance Corporation and Jeffrey Henn. In the settlement agreement Equitable Acceptance will cease collection on all student loan assistance credit plans, is prohibited from selling and issuing Credit Plans in the future, and will credit bureaus to delete the Credit Plan … Read more

Why Does Equitable Acceptance Want to Hide Information From the Public

Can you believe this?

Equitable Acceptance has been or was a big player in the student loan assistance space. While it might not have been the intention of Equitable Acceptance to create an unfortunate situation of enabling less than stellar student loan relief companies to sell questionable services, sell the originated contracts to Equitable Acceptance, get paid a portion, … Read more

I Thought Progress Advocates Group and Equitable Acceptance Was the Department of Education Servicer

Question: Dear Steve, I am apparently paying equitable acceptance for my loan through progress advocates group for consolidating my student loan for four years now and I thought they were with the department of education so I’m a little confused and tried to Google and found these articles. Is this still going on? Please help … Read more

Equitable Acceptance Class Action Lawsuit Still Ongoing

I was dealing with a reader submission when I stumbled across a class-action lawsuit filed against Equitable Acceptance, SLF Center, and Integra Student Solutions in 2018. The case is still active and ongoing. I also came across this court document that says any consumer that owes Equitable Acceptance for student loan assistance, does not have … Read more

Equitable Acceptance – Consumer Complaint – October 10, 2019

Consumer Statement: I enrolled with Equitable Assistance that stated they could lower my school load payments by signing up with them stating that I would pay them this fee and my loans would remain low. They got my payment lowered considerably the first year. Apparently they do not actually provide the service but pass it … Read more

Equitable Acceptance Named in Suit by FTC in Student Loan Assistance Scheme. Contracts Not Due.

Equitable Acceptance has apparently taken the position they are nothing more than a contract financing company for the student loan assistance industry. They also state they are involved in other industries as well. But in the student loan assistance space, Equitable Acceptance has seemingly enabled fly-by-night student loan debt relief companies to pop up, make … Read more

Equitable Acceptance – Consumer Complaint – September 10,2019

Consumer Statement: I started paying Equitable Acceptance sense 2016. They told me they would enroll me in the loan forgiveness program. I am so confused. I just called them and the representatives told me if I need more information l would have to email admin@Integra.com. I never received any kind of document stating what I … Read more

Equitable Acceptance – Consumer Complaint – August 14, 2019

Consumer Statement: When I came in to contact with Equitable Acceptance, I needed help because the loan balance was way more than what was agreed on, so I thought that this was the answer to finally get my debt taken care of. Turned out to be the worse mistake ever. The representative made it sound … Read more

Manhattan Beach Venture – Consumer Complaint – August 5, 2019

Consumer Statement: On May 12, 2016 an individual contacted me via telephone stating he worked for student loan relief/Obama forgiveness program. The representative stated he worked with FedLoan and that I was eligible for loan forgiveness. The individual knew the amount of federal loans I had at the time. He proceeded to tell me to … Read more

Titan Prep and Equitable Acceptance – Interesting Observation

A reader submitted a tip regarding their experience with Titan Prep. In taking a quick look around I noticed a very odd situation. At least I think it’s odd/interesting. TitanPrep says they provide “personalized solutions for your document preparation needs in a large variety of topics.” It seems part of those services is regarding assisting … Read more

Equitable Acceptance – Consumer Complaint – April 1, 2019

Consumer Statement: I have been paying Equitable Acceptance Since 12/2016. I was just contacted by another company to set up my student loan repayments. I thought that’s what I was paying Equitable Acceptance for! I saw an article about it on your site and I’m hoping you can help me. The beginning balance of the … Read more

Consumer Complaint – Equitable Acceptance and Performance SLC – October 31, 2018

Consumer Statement: I was given a call by Performance SLC reporting that they could lower my loan payments and help me with the documentation needed. I just graduated with my master’s degree and had been thinking about making payments while in my grace period. The lady over the phone informed me that this would be … Read more

Equitable Acceptance Corporation – CFPB Complaint 2018-09-26

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date Received: 2018-09-26 Product: Debt settlement Issue: Confusing or misleading advertising or marketing Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided Consumer Complaint: I was contacted by a company called XXXX XXXX XX/XX/2017. I was hesitant but I was also overwhelmed with the amount of school loans I owe. I thought going to college would … Read more