Recent Debt Relief Case Turns Into a Rabbit Hole for Conspiracy Theorists

While some people can find the biggest conspiracy in the smallest discrepancy, I don’t embrace that approach. Instead, I try to look for verifiable facts that can be supported with outside documents.

The recent case against American Financial Support Services, Arete Financial Group, Arete Financial Freedom, CBC Conglomerate, 1file.org, Diamond Choice, Interest Rate Solutions, J&L Enterprise, Premier Solutions Servicing, La Casa Bonita Investments, Casa Bonita Investments, Education Loan Network, Edunet, US Financial Freedom Center, Carey Howe, Anna Howe, Shunmin Hsu, Mike Hsu, Ruddy Palacios, Ruddy Barahona, Oliver Pomazi, Jay Singh, and MJ Wealth Solutions has created more questions than answers.

Here are some interesting observations from recent court documents that for me, are issues looking for answers I might now have.

Branden Millstone – I recognize the name as being a founder of Rescue One Financial. Here are past posts with Branden Millstone and this quote from a court case about Rescue One Financial, “CEOs, Bradley Smith and Branden Millstone.” – Source

A 2013 Wikipedia page lists Bradley Smith, Mark Photoglou, Branden Millstone and Brian Voytovich as the founders of Rescue One Financial. Not sure why Brian Voytovich was deleted from later Wikipedia updates.

A Branden Millstone is copied on an email with spfin.comSimple Path Financial. Why?

Christina Cortina – On the same email there is a person is identified as Christina Cortina. I was asked if she was also a Rescue One Financial employee or affiliated in some way with Simple Path Financial. I have no clue but if you know, comment below or send in your tip here. It could be she has only ever worked for Aretefin.com which could be the email address for Arete Financial but it returns a server error.

Arete Financial – Speaking of them, the State of California, where they claim to be located, has two listings for Arete Financial Group, LLC. Unfortunately, both entities are not active to conduct business in California.

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Yet the website is still up for Arete Financial Freedom and claims to have an A rating with the BBB. That’s not true right now. Looks like the BBB is looking that over.

The Arete website says Arete Financial, LLC and located at 1261 Dyer Road, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA. The suit filed against the alleged student loan companies describes Arete by saying “Defendant Arete Financial Group LLC is a California limited liability company with its principal place of business listed in California Secretary of State filings as 1261 East Dyer Road, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Arete Financial Group LLC sometimes also does business as Arete Financial Freedom. Arete Financial Group LLC has also operated under the name Arete Finacial [sic] Group LLC, a California limited liability company that was registered with the California Secretary of State on or about February 15, 2017, and dissolved on or about March 26, 2018. At all times material to this Complaint, acting alone or in concert with others, or as part of the common enterprise described in Paragraph 22, Arete Financial Group LLC has advertised, marketed, offered to provide, sold, or provided. student loan debt relief services to consumers in this District and throughout the United States.” – Source

So why are people at Aretefin.com on an email that also goes to Simple Path Financial, a Viviana Lim at Premier Solution Servicing and a Mark Ramirez who is the Director of Student Loans at studentlp.com – Premier Solutions Servicing? It all gets confusing.

The lawsuit filed says, “Defendant J&L Enterprise LLC, also doing business as Premier Solutions Servicing (“PSS”), is a Delaware limited liability company with its registered address and principal place of business at 18001 Sky Park Circle, Suites L—M, Irvine, CA 92.614.”

Here is What I Do Think I Know

These massive intertwined situations take a while to figure out. The receiver and regulators now have access to the offices loaded with documents.

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As it stands right now as I write this, like you, I have more questions than answers. But I’m hearing rumors and allegations which lead me to believe, this isn’t the end of the thread which has just started to be pulled and we don’t have a clue where these tracks will lead.

If you know anything helpful in this case you can send in your tips here.

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