Bob Lindsey Claims to Be Good Christian and Then Dupes Consumers Out of Thousands for Debt Relief

Recently I was contact by Jon who gave me a tip about Robert Mitchell Lindsey and the Freedom From Debt Alliance.

Jon said:

Steve, I was taken by Bob Lindsey and the credit card co. for $6200. (i had to borrow it from my inlaws) here’s the story.

I am an honest person and believe you should keep your word, I don’t believe in bankruptcy for that reason and have never considered it an option. For years and years I have had credit cards and paid them religiously with a perfect record from day one.

Eight cards paid for years under various hardships.

Married 30 years to the same woman then she leaves me for another man and takes me to the cleaners in a divorce. To settle the judgement of the divorce i had to mortgage the house and family cabin and borrow to the max from the cards. Still i somehow managed to keep current and retain my good credit. i worked 3 jobs to do this.

Then the credit card companies raised my interest from single digit to nearly 40% in a matter of months and raised all their penalty fees. That started the downward spiral.

I remarried 2 years ago and my wife had a full time job. Still it wasn’t enough. we put the cabin up for sale but it has been unsaleble in this economy. we owe more on the house and cabin than they appraise for and the market in Arizona is really bad. I started to look into debt assistance programs and after 3-4 of the same stuff I ran onto Bob Lindsey’s program and it really appealed to me because it was supposedly within the law and able to satisfy my needs and it didn’t involve bankruptcy. I was so desperate for help and relief that it was easy for him to suck me in. Then the economy went sour.

I lost 2 of my jobs. I had a pay cut in my primary job, benefits went up cutting the check down more. I was taken to court by one of the cards and agreed to pay a monthly payment that i couldn’t afford. If i missed a payment or was late the full judgement would take affect and i stood to loose it all.

I was at the mercy of lawyers and the court and was so desperate that I agreed to it. Now I have recieved another lawsuit from another card and have hit the wall. I am sure the others will start to show up soon. There are 8 in all…and about $65,000 owed due to divorce settlements. I was awarded all the debt.

I am several months behind in all payments to mortgages and utilities and all other necessary living expenses. The banks have threatened foreclosure for the past 3 months. I built this house over 30 years ago, 2 of my 6 children were born in it and it has been the only home my kids have known, I would die if had to give it to a greedy bank.

I am due to retire in less than 3 years and right now it appears that I will lose everything before I even reach that point. my marriage is hanging by a thread as is everything I own. I am very depressed and desperate and would like to know what you would do.

You seem like a respectable honest man with a good heart. Bob Lindsey come across as that same type of a person and i trusted him completely…..he took me down.

I get a good feeling about you and feel I can trust you. Do you know of any way i can try to get my money back from bob lindsay?

thanks again for taking an interest.


The Freedom From Debt Alliance, Bob Lindsey’s new company is a regurgitation of a long running dubious enterprise, or scam as some say that steals money from consumers and has falsely promises debt relief, protection from collectors, and credit repair. It’s also running out of a private mailbox from Abby Office Center.

Freedom From Debt Alliance is run by Robert Mitchell Lindsey (Bod Lindsey) who was involved in a similar debt relief scheme under the names of The Credit Card Solution, Justice Debt Relief, Jubilee Financial Solution, Jubilee Financial Management, Get Rid of Debt Now, and other business names and domain names.

Bob Lindsey

Mr. Lindsey is a convicted felon for his role in a Texas company called “”Child Support Collection Agency of America”

That company, according to the Texas AG, sold “private child support collection” licensee rights for $990-$15,000. The advertisements promised people that they could “make a fortune collecting past due child support from deadbeat parents.” Some ads promised upwards of $250,000 a year.

According to the complaint, Lindsey and his licensees called parents who were under court orders to send child-support payments into a court registry, and, using aliases and often calling themselves “detective” or “investigator,” demanded that the parents pay them directly. Strangely, this seemingly bulletproof business model proved unsustainable. After about 18 months, when licensees found they didn’t make enough from the business to fill Olympic-size swimming pools with $100 bills, they started filing complaints with the AG.

The AG’s complaint also dredged up his 1992 no-contest plea to a count of “engaging in organized crime in the first degree,” for which he received 60 days in jail and ten years’ deferred adjudication.

The complaint didn’t describe the nature of the organized crime, but the way Lindsey puts it, it’s not as sensational as it sounds: He told the Houston Press that he had conspired with a third party to buy a piece of industrial machinery from a leasing company and then sell it back to them.

If that doesn’t make sense, or just simply doesn’t even sound like a good scam, it’s because, Lindsey says, that was back in the Cocaine Days.

Sitting in a tiny room in a north Beltway office building — due to the Texas AG’s freezing of his company’s assets, Lindsey has been locked out of his office since July — Lindsey was candid about his former drug use.

“It’s a progressive disease — it just gets worse and worse,” he says. “…Toward the end, I just couldn’t function. All I wanted to do was get high.”

And get high he did. In fact, he stopped seeing his probation officer in 2000 because he knew he wouldn’t pass the drug screen. So after six weeks in Harris County Jail, he went to the six-month Residential Substance Abuse Treatment center in Atascocita. Source

Lindsey has been long associated with the Credit Collection Defense Network (CCDN) as a top sales person and then latter affiliate. Once times got dicey legally the two companies turned on each other with CCDN toss Lindsey to the Texas Attorney General to shut him down. Click here to see Texas Attorney General lawsuit against Lindsey.

Jon’s story about how he was sold into The Credit Card Solution (TCCS) sounds much like the pitch detailed in a latter class action lawsuit against Lindsey and others. Click here to read the long and detailed complaint.

The ploy seems to attract people that want to get out of debt but avoid bankruptcy. The Lindsey scheme promises to eliminate the debt, clean the credit report, sued debt collectors for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and make the debt disappear by claiming the banks really did not create the liability to begin with.

Lindsey’s Old Pitch

Bob Lindsey and The Credit Card Solution

72. One of the most successful CCDN pitchmen was Robert Mitchell “Bob” Lindsey, proprietor of now-defunct The Credit Card Solution.

73. Mr. Lindsey is a career confidence man who in 1994, file number 09-063950 in Harris County, 133d Judicial District, agreed with the Texas Attorney General, without admitting responsibility or liability, to cease and desist operating his fraudulent business Child Support Collection Agency of America, Inc. dba Child Support Enforcement Services, Inc.–ironically enough, a purported collection agency.

74. Mr. and Mrs. Lock and Mr. Manger knew or should have known of Mr. Lindsey’s checkered past, but hired him anyway because Mr. Lindsey is a superb salesman with a smooth, reassuring manner on camera, on the phone, and in person.

75. On or about 07 February 2007, Mr. Lindsey contracted with RK Lock & Associates to sell CCDN’s program and remit a$2,800 fee to RKLA/CCDN for each new customer at the time of the customer’s admission to the CCDN program.

76. Between then and early 2009, Mr. Lindsey made over 40 videos promoting CCDN’s program and posted them at TCCS’s sites and many other online outlets such as Yahoo Video, Google Video, YouTube, Dailymotion, Spike TV, MySpace, Sevenload, Revver, and Metacafe, where thousands of people have seen them.

77. In most of these videos, including the ones where he tells people to beware of so called Christian debt counselors, Mr. Lindsey wears a very shiny Christian cross pendant.

78. Mr. Lindsey’s presentations mix enough truth with the overall deception, and are sufficiently complex, that only a consumer protection lawyer with prior specialized knowledge of debt elimination scams would be likely to spot the illegality of his advice.

79. Some of Mr. Lindsey’s videos are transcribed below, and it is best to let him
explain CCDN’s program in his own words.

80. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1875368/6154311 is Mr. Lindsey’s video “A Debt
Relief Program That Works–Intro (#1 of 6),” originally posted 29 January 2008 at
YouTube, transcription verified 11 August 2009:

In the short videos on this page, I want to explain to you in detail our program, to explain how we can do exactly what we say we can do in the next 12 to 18 months. Number one, reduce your debt to zero. This is not a debt consolidation or debt settlement type of program. We are literally looking to make your debt go away. Number two is restore your credit score, so again, when the process is over, you will have an excellent credit rating. And number three, even recover some money for you, because we sue these debt collectors that end up with these debts. They do things that violate federal law and violate your rights. We hold them accountable. We take them into federal court, we sue them, we collect money from them, and you share in that process. And I’m going to explain all this in detail. But understand this: Everything we do in this process is based on federal law, and there are laws in place that are designed to protect you.

The truth is, is that the credit card companies, the credit reporting agencies, and especially the debt collectors either do things that violate federal law or are out of compliance with portions of these federal laws. It is their noncompliance, it is their violations, that we are able to utilize to accompany the three things that I outlined. I’m going to explain the process in detail to you, step by step.

81. This video is deceptive in at least the following ways: CCDN’s program cannot
reduce credit card debt to zero; cannot restore anyone’s credit score; cannot give an excellent credit rating; is unlikely to result in a net recovery; does not file suits in federal court; is not based in federal law but rather is in gross violation of federal law; cannot gain sufficient leverage through collectors’ and creditors’ violations of consumer protection law to eliminate debt except a few small accounts; has gotten rid of very little consumer debt; and literally fails every time.

82. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1875382 is Mr. Lindsey’s video “Restoring Your Credit With This Debt Plan (#2 of 6),” originally posted 29 January 2008 atYouTube, transcription verified on 11 August 2009:

The process works like this: If you decide to get into this program, you would cease paying your credit cards, and we’ll go to work in the three areas that I outlined. We’re going to start off with restoring your credit score. We’re going to pull your credit bureaus, all three, and we’re going to begin a process of disputing anything on there that’s negative. I mean, anything that is negative now, and anything that appears negative in the course of this process. The nature of the dispute that we have with the credit bureaus is very different, though, than you might imagine, is very different from anyone who does, quote, credit repair. A lot of people claim to do credit repair. A lot of what’s out there is junk. What we do is entirely different. We dispute with the credit bureau based on the fact that they are out of compliance with reporting law. They are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 609, there’s a requirement that they maintain a hardcopy of supporting documents, verification documents, documents that verify that any account they’re reporting negative about you is indeed your account. This was inserted in the law because studies have shown that seventy to ninety percent of all credit reports contain errors.

So the law simply requires the credit reporting agency, if they’re going to report something negative, to have on hand a document verifying that that is indeed your account. We’re talking something about, along the lines of a copy of your original credit card agreement with your signature, something like that. But the credit reporting agencies absolutely do not do this. It’s not that the documents aren’t available; the documents are readily available. Your creditor has the documents, but your creditor, the credit bureau, are different entities, and the credit bureau does not have the required documents. Again, they could get them, but they simply don’t.

We have a series of letters that we send to the credit reporting agency where we challenge them on the fact that they do not have the verification document. We ask them where is the required verification document that the law requires you to have. Either produce the document or remove the negative reporting, or be sued, and that’s what the provision of the law is.

In the nine years that we have been doing this part of the process, we have worked with over 48,000 families, and not one single time, not one single time, have the credit bureaus produced the required verification document. They don’t have them and they’re simply not going to get them. We’re incredibly effective at getting anything negative knocked off your credit report. In the next video I’m going to explain to you how we deal with the debt itself.

83. The foregoing is deceptive in at least the following ways: ceasing payment of consumer debt is the surest way to destroy instead of restore credit; CCDN’s program is not significantly different from any other fraudulent credit repair scheme; credit reporting agencies are not required to keep original signed credit agreements on file; and CCDN’s program is completely ineffective at getting any correct negative information off of anyone’s credit report.

84. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1875763 is Mr. Lindsey’s video titled “How We Challenge Your Creditors and Win (#3 of 6),” originally posted29 January 2008, transcription verified on 11 August 2009:

We deal with the debt itself in two ways. We go after both the original creditor that issued the debt, and we deal with the debt collector. We go after the debt collector that ends up with the debt. In this video we’re going to talk about the original creditor.

We have a proprietary letter that we send your original creditor where we challenge them on the validity of the debt. We challenge them to prove that a valid debt ever existed. We challenge them to prove they ever lent you any money, using generally accepted accounting principles. Now they absolutely cannot do that.

Now I know that sounds odd, because you know you got the credit card, and you know you spent the money. But it has to do with how banks work. Banks work very differently than people understand. The bank works very differently than the bank itself represents, in terms of what it actually does. You see, banks don’t lend the money. Banks create money. It’s an entirely different kind of process.

In this country, under the Federal Reserve System, we operate with what’s known as a fractional reserve lending system. It works like this: Let’s say you have a thousand-dollar CD in a bank. Right now the bank would pay you about five percent. Well, most people think the bank takes my thousand dollars, turns around and loans it to somebody else, at maybe ten, twelve, fifteen percent, whatever the bank can get, and the bank makes money, or the bank’s profit, is in the spread, the difference between what it pays for the money, what it can lend the
money out for.

And that’s absolutely not how it works. Under this fractional reserve lending system, a bank is allowed to lend ten times its reserves. So here’s what they do: They take your thousand dollars, they reclassify it as a reserve. That now allows them to make ten thousand dollars in loans on your thousand dollars, to literally create nine thousand dollars of brand-new money. The money that you borrow from the bank doesn’t even exist until the moment you borrowed it. It ceases to exist when you’ve paid it off. But while it’s in existence, they’re charging you all kinds of interest and fees.

Now you begin to get a picture of why banks are highly profitable, why they’re literally building a bank on every corner. If you and I could do what banks do, we could become rich. But if you and I attempt to do what banks do, they’re going to lock us up, because it’s called fraud. You can’t lend something you don’t have—unless you’re a bank. But the banks certainly don’t disclose all this to you, and it’s not that this is not public information. What I’m telling you is very public information. It is simply not common knowledge. And the banks don’t want you to really understand this process, because banks know, if people understood how this actually works, they would be outraged at banks charging people 30 or 35 or even 40 percent interest on money that was literally created out of nowhere. So we challenge the bank, we challenge the bank under the Truth In Lending Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act. Now sometimes—sometimes—when the bank gets our letter, they will zero your debt out, and that’s the end of it, but that’s notnormally how it works.

That’s not what we expect to happen. We send the letter for two reasons. We’re establishing some legal ground that’s going to benefit us later. Secondly, we are looking to hasten a natural process.

What we expect the bank to do is simply get rid of your debt. Now they’re going to do that anyway. When you cease paying a bank, and you haven’t paid them for six months, by law they have to write your debt off. They gotta charge it off, they’ve got to take it off their books, as a performing loan. Now when that happens, the bank suffers no financial detriment. You see, the bank has insurance on your debt. You have paid the premium for that insurance in your annual fee. The bank even makes a little money. It gets a very generous tax credit for the bad debt, and then it turns around and sells the collection rights for the debt off to a debt collector, a collection agency, collection attorney, for a few pennies on the dollar. So the bank is made whole, and they’re out of the picture, and in comes the debt collector, and that’s what I’m going to talk about in the next video.

85. The foregoing is deceptive in at least the following ways: CCDN’s dispute letters do not raise any lawful dispute; GAAP is irrelevant to the validity and enforceability of consumer debt as between debtor and creditor; banks are not literally building branches on every corner; bank lending and expectation of repayment at interest is not fraud; money lent does not come out of nowhere, and must be repaid; banks never zero debt out in response to TCCS’s letters; banks do suffer financial detriment when debtors default; not every consumer account is insured against default (and even if they were, the insurer would then lose real money); banks get only tax deductions and not tax credits when debts go bad (and even if they did get tax credits, the taxpayers would then lose real money); banks do not always sell defaulted accounts but sometimes keep them and collect them; and banks are not made whole after default by taking tax deductions and selling bad debts for pennies on the dollar.

86. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1880047/6176377 is Mr. Lindsey’s video titled
“Dealing with Debt Collector Harassment (#4 of 6),” originally posted on YouTube 30
January 2008, transcription verified on 11 August 2009:

When the debt collector enters the picture, there’s another federal law that comes into play. It’s called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It’s a law designed to prevent abuses in the collection industry, but it’s a law the collectors ignore. They ignore it because they know you don’t know the law. Or maybe if you know a little bit about the law, you have no means to enforce the law.

And frankly they ignore it because there’s just a lot of money in debt collection. Debt collection is a highly profitable business. You see, they buy your debt for two to five, maybe ten cents or so on the dollar, but they come to you looking to collect not even a hundred percent of what the debt used to be, because they’re going to add their own interest, fees, and penalties. And they’re going to want to collect 120, 150, maybe 200 percent or more of the original debt, and when you pay a debt collector, you’re not paying your creditor.

Your creditor is already out of the picture. You’re simply putting profit in the hands of the debt collector. And that’s why they’re so aggressive. That’s why they will literally lie, cheat, steal, they will use fear, harassment, intimidation. They’ll do whatever they can do to get you to pay because it goes in their pockets. But when they do the things that they do, they violate this federal law, this Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and they can be held accountable, and they all violate the law.

There’s no such thing as a debt collector that does not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. For instance, one thing they all do—let’s say one of your accounts is with Bank of America. Well, you quit paying Bank of America, Bank of America writes your debt off, they sell the collection rights to the debt collector, and the debt collector calls you and says “Mr. Jones, I’m calling you about this money you owe Bank of America.” Well right there, he’s lying to you. He’s violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because the truth is, you no longer owe Bank of America anything. You see, Bank of America has gotten paid, because we talked about that. They got their insurance money, they got their tax credit, and they’ve sold the collection rights to the debt collector. On their books, your account will now show a zero balance. In fact, if you were to call Bank of America at this point and say “Oh, I’ve just won the lottery. I’d love to pay off my credit card debt,” they would tell you they could not take your money. They would refer you back to the debt collector. And that’s because you don’t owe them anything.

Well, the debt collector doesn’t want you to know that. Nor does he want you to know that he bought your ten thousand dollar credit card debt for three or five hundred dollars, because he’s going to come to you and say, “Well Mr. Jones, it was ten thousand, but now it’s twelve or thirteen or fourteen or fifteen because of interest, fees, and penalties,” whatever number they come up with. “But I tell you what, if you can come up with some money in the next few days, we can go ahead and settle this for nine or ten or eleven,” again, whatever number they come up with. Well obviously, if you could buy something for three or five hundred dollars, and sell it for nine or ten or eleven thousand, wouldn’t that be a pretty decent profit margin?

Well, that’s exactly how the debt collector operates. But the debt collectors’ standard method of operation is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In the next video, I’m going to talk specifically about additional violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and how we hold them accountable.

87. The foregoing is deceptive in at least the following ways: not every debt collector violates FDCPA as to every account; not every debt collector has purchased the debt; some debt collectors are acting as agents for banks and other creditors; banks do not get insurance payments and tax credits when they write off debt (and even if they did, the loss would not disappear but would transfer to insurers and taxpayers); and CCDN does not hold debt collectors accountable for violating FDCPA.

88. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/1880063/6175311 is Mr. Lindsey’s video titled “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (#5 of 6),” originally posted on YouTube 30 January 2008, transcription verified on 11 August 2009: When the debt collector lies to you, when he misrepresents who he’s collecting for, he misrepresents he’s collecting for the bank as opposed to collecting for himself, he violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and there are so many other things that he does that are in violation of this law.

When he calls you multiple times a day, making your phone ring to the point of harassment, every single one of those calls could be violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When he calls you too early in the morning, too late at night, when he calls you at work when you’ve asked him not to, when he calls your friends and neighbors, having them bring little notes to you, those can be violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The debt collector becomes abusive on the phone. He’ll start off being nice, but you don’t pay, they’ll turn ugly. Abusive language is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When the debt collector threatens you with something he is not legally empowered to do, he may threaten you with wage garnishment, or putting, taking your house from you, or getting you fired, or all kinds of things they may come up with. Well, until he’s legally empowered to do so, it’s a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to threaten you with something he’s not yet legally empowered to do.

If he threatens to put you in jail, well rest assured that he can’t do that. There are no debtor’s prisons in this country. It’s not against the law to [sic] pay your credit card debt, but a lot of times debt collectors will threaten you with things like that, because it’s effective, it scares people. Well, that’s not only a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that’s against criminal law.

It’s actually a criminal, a crime to threaten you with criminal prosecution for a civil offense in many states.

There’s so many other things that the debt collector does, and we help them along. We send out little dispute letters, for instance, and when they get our dispute letters, our requests for validation of the debt, and they don’t properly respond, those are violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When the debt collector continues to try to call you and collect from you, after getting our validation letter and not properly validating your debt, those are additional violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

And every single time the collector violates the law, every single time, no matter how small, how technical, it’s worth a minimum of a thousand dollars, plus attorney’s fees, plus actual damages. And that’s just on the federal level. There are corresponding state laws in most states where we can sue the debt collector on the state level as well.

So here’s what we do: We document the things the debt collector is not supposed to do that he does. Now obviously you have to participate in this process. You’ve got to fax to us any correspondence you get from the debt collector. We want you to talk to the debt collector. Now we’re going to tell you exactly what to say, how to handle the phone call, but every time you talk to the debt collector, he will violate the law. You can either record the phone calls or simply take notes.

We’re going to build a violations file that we will then turn over to an attorney who’s a member of our network that’s in your area, who will file a federal lawsuit against the debt collector, who will file what’s known as a federal complaint. We will sue the debt collector in federal court, and perhaps in state
court as well.

When that happens, when we file the lawsuit in federal court, well, the tables have now been turned on the debt collector, and the debt collector is calling us, wanting to know how he can settle this. These debt collectors are highly motivated to get rid of these federal complaints. Now remember, he buys your debt for a few pennies on the dollar. He’s bought lots of debt on lots of people.

He’s looking to collect from as many people as he can, as cheaply as he can. Well, when we’ve taken your case to federal court, we’ve sued him. All of a sudden, your case becomes very expensive, very complex. Plus, he can’t defend it, he’s broken the law, he knows he’s broken the law.

So he’s calling us and wanting to know how he can settle it. You see, these federal complaints also negatively impact the debt collector’s state licensing requirements and other aspects of his business, so he wants this to go away. He wants to know how he can settle it. In fact, these things normally settle within 30 to 60 days of the filing of the federal complaint. Well, when the debt collector calls us wanting to know how it can be settled, we can settle it, but here’s how it’s settled.

Number one, the client’s debt, your debt, is reduced to zero. Number two, the client, you, are marked paid as agreed at the credit bureau. Number three, there are no tax consequences, so there’s no 1099s issued. And number four, we’re going to collect some money. We’re going to get some damages from the debt collector, based on the documented violations of the law.

We normally collect somewhere around four to seven thousand dollars per account. Sometimes it’s a lot more, depending on what they’ve done. This is over and above the reduction of your debt to zero. Now whatever we get, 75% stays with our attorneys, that’s where our guys get to make a little money, but 25% of it comes back to you.

So by the time this process is over, again roughly 12 to 18 months, your debt is gone, you’ve got an excellent credit rating again, and you’ve recovered some money, maybe got your fees back, put a little money in your pocket, but the main thing is, you’ve got your financial life back. In the very next video, I’m going to talk about what the next step for you to take is.

89. The foregoing is deceptive in at least the following ways: debt collectors are often not lying when they claim to be collecting on behalf of the original creditor; wage garnishment is legal in many states; debt collectors may lawfully ignore cease communication and validation demands from nonlawyer third parties such as CCDN; the $1,000 statutory damages under FDCPA is a maximum not a minimum; most courts have ruled FDCPA’s $1,000 statutory damage maximum to apply only once per lawsuit per defendant, not once per violation; engaging debt collectors in phone conversation is extremely stressful and upsetting and may result in the collector convincing the consumer to make unnecessary payments; CCDN has very few lawyers in its network (and those it does manage to recruit will soon realize that CCDN is the problem and will advise clients to sue CCDN); FDCPA lawsuits do not always settle and may take far longer than 60 days if they do settle; FDCPA lawsuits do not normally result in elimination of the underlying debt; forgiveness of debt can cause adverse tax consequences; FDCPA lawsuits need not be brought in federal court but can be brought in state court, and allowing the consumer to keep only 25% of any recovery is in most cases a clearly excessive contingent fee.

90. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/2792925/8102562 is Mr. Lindsey’s video “So called Christian Debt Counseling,” transcription verifiedon 11 August 2009: Perhaps you’ve seen websites that advertise Christian debt counseling or nonprofit debt counseling. Be careful. A name can be deceiving. Number one, only people can be Christians, not companies, not corporations, and the fact that someone claims to be nonprofit doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re so. A lot of times what we find is that many of these organizations are wolves in sheep’s clothing, clothing themselves in these terms, Christian, nonprofit, as a means of fleecing the flock. [Note: Mr. Lindsey is wearing a shiny Christian cross pendant this whole time.] Be very careful. I’m a believer, I’m a follower of Jesus, but do business with me because what I say makes sense. Now I’ll be happy to pray with you and minister to you in any way I can. But do business with me because I can help get you out of debt. We’ve got a process that actually works. That’s what makes the difference. It’s like if you had brain cancer and I have a surgeon to operate on you. It might be important that he be a Christian, yes, but probably what’s more important is that he knows what he’s doing and he’s the best surgeon available. Wouldn’t you agree, that’s the case here.

91. The foregoing is deceptive in at least the following ways: regardless of his or their private and sincerely held religious beliefs, Mr. Lindsey and CCDN are themselves as deceptive and fraudulent as any alleged debt relief organization can be; the program he is selling does not actually work but in fact gets its customers into far more debt and misery than before; and, Mr. Lindsey cannot possibly be available to pray with and minister to the 48,000 families that he claims to have helped.

92. Mr. Lindsey has made more than 30 other videos selling CCDN’s program, transcripts of which constitute Exhibits A and 19 in NCED 7:09cv81-F. Source

Gary Hamilton was the person who recruited Jon into the program and was also promised free attorney representation if he should be sued. Jon says he paid Bob Lindsey a total of $6,200 for debt relief services.

As a member of their program I was entitled to free attorneys to handle all federal cases.

I mentioned to bob that I also had 3 business accounts and was told that the federal laws didn’t cover business accounts but that their attorneys were working on a process that would take care of them also.

I paid them $5000 for 5 personal accts up front. Months passed and Bob had a falling out with the attorneys he was using [CCDN] and they sued him in Texas court because he was withholding money that he should’ve paid to them.

The state of texas put a freeze on $5oo,ooo and all of Bob Lindsey’s assets and told him he couldn’t accept anymore payments from anybody till this case was resolved. (Jon)

So that should have been the end of the Lindsey scheme, right. Not so fast. If it had ended here Jon would have only been out $5,000 in money he borrowed to get help from Bob Lindsey. Immediately after Texas closed Linsey down Jon says it didn’t stop Lindsey. In fact he even paid Lindsey another $1,200.

Bob immediately sent out an email crying foul, saying he was a victim and that he was hiring his own in-house attorneys, and that we should all keep him in our thoughts and prayers. He said that now they had a process that would handle business accounts and that they would handle all court cases for free, both state and federal.

I called to confirm what he was saying and talked several times to his personal secretary who was his right hand man. Everything was correct and i was told for a discounted price i could add my 3 business accts for only $1200.

I sent them the check and all the acct info they requested and thought for sure everything was taken care of. then about aug 2009 I received a law suit from one of the cards and called Bob to get it taken care of, he denied that he had ever said they would take care of state court cases for free and that they could process business accts.

I sent him a copy of an email signed by him stating everything that he was denying. I never heard back from him. Then I get an email from his office saying that he had formed another business called Freedom From Debt Alliance. The credit card solution was now a non existent business. But i could transfer my $6200 to the new company and receive all the same services except for the attorneys. I would have to provide all my own legal at my own expense. (Jon)

Jon is now in a very difficult position. Basically he only has one option left to address this financial mess, bankruptcy.

See also  Here is What a Debt Scammer Looks Like. Watch This.

Jon with the trail of lawsuits now trailing you on these debts, the only way to legally shut down the suits and close the door on the debt is going to be for you to seek protection under the bankruptcy laws. Click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you like. Make a free appointment and go talk to them.

I’m afraid the hold has been dug so deep now that there is no tricky, crafty, or other legal way to put this behind you.

The very thing Jon wanted to avoid but should have done to begin with. Mr. Lindsey seemed to play to Jon’s Christian motives of wanting to do the right thing. In the many videos Mr. Lindsey created to sell his past programs he even wore a bright cross and proclaimed the religious based fundamentals his program offered, as if sanctioned by God.

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Instead of seeing their debts vanish and their credit scores raised to new heights, Plaintiffs are infinitely worse off than before they encountered CCDN, with ruined credit, difficulty finding new jobs, family and marital stress, collection calls, lawsuits, judgments, and sheriffs’ levies and sales, and are often left with bankruptcy as their only relief, on top of the humiliation and mental anguish of eventually admitting to themselves and others that they have been scammed out of thousands of dollars, very often the last money they had to their names, and on information and belief, one or more Plaintiffs have attempted or committed suicide. Source

[Bob Lindsey] preys on the vulnerability of religious people who are taught to be trusting and honest etc. I must have been a gravy deal for him.

Anyway I hope this in someway helps someone else from ever interfacing with this crook. He pretty much destroyed my life and has put me in a position i can’t recover from. I have no idea what I will do when the rest of these law suits arrive. I have exhausted all my sources of help and am financially broke. (Jon)

The Christian Sales Pitch. Swing, Batter, Batter, Swing

It’s true, if you put rotten food on a clean plate in front of someone who is hungry, they’ll eat anything. The Christian sales pitch previously used by Lindsey in his old days, the one that snagged Jon, is despicable.

“We’re Christians Too, and the Bible Says …”

116. http://www.fsei.cc/ on its “About Us” page claims: “Financial Solutions Educational Institute is a non profit [IRC Section] 508(c)(1)(A) educational church ministry, our prayer at FSEI is that you will take some time to patiently & thoughtfully explore this site as we attempt to share what we have learned from hundreds of hours of study of both the Bible (God’s revealed word) and the moral issues surrounding the FSEI Debt Relief Program.”

117. http://www.nomoredebt.cc/audiox.asp posts an audio titled “The Moral Issue,” which attempts to deceive evangelical Christians by misrepresenting the nature of the banking system (especially begging the question that if the bank always allegedly sells the cardholder’s deposit slip,then why does the new owner never try to collect for himself but just lets the bank collect twice?) and then misrepresenting the Bible to endorse refusal to repay debt, transcribed as follows:

Hi, my name is Rod Seeger (sp?) and I’m so glad you made this call today. Back in July 2002, my son was over $40,000 in credit card debt. My first response was, there’s only one way out, and that’s bankruptcy. Then I remembered an email that I had received from someone a year earlier, saying that I could ethically and lawfully eliminate credit card debt. At the time I thought, you have got to be kidding me, right? Fortunately, I saved the email. I called the person and started doing my research. It all seemed to make sense, but there was one problem.

Being a Christian, and the pastor of a Christian church, I was deeply concerned with the moral implications of eliminating the debt. After all, you received goods and services, so how could you just walk away from the debt? If you receive something, then you’re obligated to pay. If you don’t pay, then someone’s going to be hurt. This was the issuethat was confronting me.

However, as I researched further, I realized that the bank was the one with the real moral problem, because every time I signed that credit card slip, the bank stamps the back of it “pay to the order of” and deposits it into a transaction account in my name, and then sells than note and funds the cost of the proceeds. In other words, they pay the merchant from the proceeds of the sale of my asset. That is not a loan. That’s an exchange. They exchanged your promissory note, the card slip, for payment to the merchant. The bank loaned me none of their own assets, and none of their deposits are money. Therefore the bank was not at risk for anything and it did not cost the bank anything.

Now, through the card agreement, they extort from us a monthly payment, plus exorbitant interest, and ridiculous late payment penalties for an alleged loan, which is already settled from the proceeds of the sale of the card slip. Now let me ask you this: Would you enter into the card agreement if these material facts were disclosed to you? Let me put it this way. If you came to me for a loan of five thousand and I said sure, give me a check for five thousand, and then I took that check and deposited it, withdrew the cash and gave it back to you, and then said to you, now you owe me every month plus interest, would you accept that as a loan? You have to be crazy to do that. You would not accept that, because you were the one that provided the asset in the $5,000 check, and that’s exactly how credit card loans work.

Let me put it another way. Let’s say you bought goods from me for $5,000. You owe me $5,000. Instead of giving me cash, you gave me a card as an asset, and told me to sell it for 5,000. I then sold the card as an asset, but then you came back and said to you, you owe me 5,000, and you have to pay me every month at interest. Would you accept that? I think not. That would be fraud. Well, your signature on the credit card slip is just as much an asset as the card that was sold to pay the debt. So the debt was settled the moment the bank sold your asset, in other words, your signature. What most people struggle to grasp is that their signature on the credit card slip is the asset that they provided, and the bank accepted it as an asset by depositing it into an account in your name. Any deposit that a bank receives is recorded as an asset. Anything that can be sold for cash is an asset. They sold your signature asset and paid the merchant. That means you provided the funding of the card, just like you did in my 5,000 check example, that you would not enter into because you are not crazy.

Now, none of this information was disclosed to me in the card agreement. It was purposely concealed from me. That’s contractual fraud. According to the law, there has been a concealment of material facts that would have affected whether or not you would have entered into the contract, and the contract is null and void. That means it never did exist as a legal and binding contract. It’s a fraud. Therefore it is not immoral for me to refuse to perform under such a contract. I can lawfully and morally walk away and refuse to pay another dime.

Now from a legal point of view, I felt it was okay to walk away from this alleged debt, but I needed something more. As a Christian, I need to base my life and behavior on the Bible as God’s standard. Since something may be legal from a secular standpoint, yet not necessarily be lawful or moral as far as God’s law is concerned, I needed caselaw from the Bible that confirmed to me that I could have relief from a fraudulent contract or to have debt cancelled. Here is what I found.

In the book of Exodus, chapter 16 and verse 2 through verse 3, then again in verse 35 through verse 36, God actually arranged a loan for the Israelites from their Egyptian neighbors. Moses had gone to Pharaoh as God’s representative, requested that the Israelites be allowed to leave Egypt after 430 years of slavery.

After a series of ten plagues, Pharaoh finally agreed. Pharaoh and God through Moses had a contract, an agreement. God then told them to go and borrow gold and silver from their Egyptian neighbors, to which the Egyptians duly consented.

Now since this was a God-arranged loan, God was duty bound to repay it. Scripture says that God is no man’s debtor. In Proverbs chapter 19 and verse 17 it says “Whoever gives to the poor gives to God, and God will repay him.” So, you know, God always pays his debts.

But the next morning, Pharaoh changed his mind and said, I will go after them and recover the spoil and the gold, which was the gold and the silver. Well, you know the rest of story. God drowned the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. The Israelites crossed over into the wilderness and built a tabernacle in which they worshiped God with the very gold and silver that they had borrowed from the Egyptians. Now here’s the thing. There is no record anywhere that they ever paid back that loan. You say why? Well, Pharaoh was in breach of contract.

Therefore, God was not duty bound to repay the loan. Pharaoh had broken contract.

In another scripture, Deuteronomy chapter 25 and verse 13 through verse 16, God declared that it was an abomination to God to conduct commerce with unjust weights and measurements. You were not allowed to use deceptive means in commerce. Folks, I have to tell you that based on the concealment in the card agreement that credit card loan is deceptive commerce, and it is an abomination to God. The scripture also said in Leviticus 19 and verse 11 through 13 that you are not to deal falsely with your neighbor. You are not to cheat or rob him. A credit card agreement is all of these things.

So based on these situations, I believe therefore that it is perfectly moral and lawful to seek relief from your credit card debt. And by the way, seven months after my son entered this program, he received nine binding arbitration awards against the banks and credit card companies for over $40,000. Now I trust that this satisfies your conscience, and if it does and you’re ready to move forward, then get back to the person that sent you to this call. God bless you and congratulations on taking your first steps to becoming debt free.

118. In fact, NoMoreDebt sponsor FSEI is yet another CCDN front personally endorsed by Robert Lock, who seems quite willing to use false religious claims (such as Mr. Lindsey’s cross-draped presence in about 40 videos) to sell his program, and the only Bible verses that accurately describe FSEI are those along the lines of: “They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers. Such men will be punished most severely.” Mark 12:40, Luke 20:47 (NIV). Source

Emails From Bob Lindsey

June 10, 2009

From: Bob Lindsey
To: [ ]
Sent: Wed, June 10, 2009 2:23:53 PM
Subject: URGENT – From The Credit Card Solution

I’ve got some good news and then some great news for you!

First, the Good News!

Recently The Credit Card Solution ceased doing business with CCDN, LLC.

This action was necessitated by a continuing and growing number of complaints received by The Credit Card Solution from customers regarding the poor service being provided by CCDN, LLC.

CCDN, LLC is fundamentally not providing the service for which it has been paid (and we’ve paid the CCDN almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS!)

While we have attempted to address these service issues with the CCDN (we even flew to Chicago last November to address these issues directly with the principals of the CCDN), their response has been less than satisfactory.

Our concern is for YOU, OUR CUSTOMER.

Therefore, we have ceased sending any further customers to the CCDN and are diligently working to provide assistance and help to all existing customers.

Which brings me to the GREAT NEWS!

The Credit Card Solution has established its own in-house support team and affiliated attorneys!

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to take care of YOU and provide you the service and results that you expect!

You contracted with The Credit Card Solution. Your payments have been made directly to The Credit Card Solution. The CCDN, LLC was simply the service provider we were using.

We apologize to you for the poor service you have received from the CCDN.

However, that HAS CHANGED with the establishment of The Credit Card Solution support team!

While you will need to complete new enrollment documents (we have no access to anything sent to the CCDN), the level of service you will receive is so far superior to what was being provided.

Also, we are providing additional services beyond what was originally promised!

For instance, if you are sued in state court, and a settlement with the creditor or debt collector is the best possible outcome, we will employ an attorney on your behalf to negotiate such settlement – all at no additional cost to you!

One of my staff will be in contact with you by phone to address your concerns.

You may also call The Credit Card Solution toll free at 1-866-539-8227 and speak to Linda or Tina with any questions or concerns that you may have. If you’ve perhaps already spoken with Tina or Linda, please forgive my repeating this information.

If you have a pressing support issue, please contact my office immediately and you will receive the support you need. Fax any documents on which you require assistance to our toll free fax: 1-877-650-5827.

Please disregard any further communication you receive from the CCDN.

Thanks for your support!

Bob Lindsey
The Credit Card Solution

The Credit Card Solution
333 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 1190
Houston, TX 77060
(281) 999-8227

July 26, 2009

From: Bob Lindsey
To: [ ]
Sent: Sun, July 26, 2009 4:51:03 PM
Subject: URGENT Communication from TCCS!

As you may be aware, recently the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas filed suit against The Credit Card Solution. Not a single consumer complaint had been filed with the Attorney General’s Office nor had the Attorney General’s Office ever contacted The Credit Card Solution regarding any compliance issues or any concerns the AG might have had concerning our operations.

Instead, the AG obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against The Credit Card Solution ex parte. That means that the AG went to a judge with untrue allegations and did not notify us or allow us to participate so that we could respond to the allegations. A TRO was granted by the judge (who only heard what the AG had to say) allowing the AG to freeze our bank accounts without warning to us.

The Temporary Restraining Order has now turned into a Temporary Injunction. A trial date is set for November.

The Credit Card Solution has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing. The Temporary Injunction “finds that the Defendants have engaged in or are about to engage in (emphasis added) unlawful acts or practices in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act” (DTPA).

According to the Temporary Injunction (whose language was drafted by the AG), the actual or potential DTPA violations refer to the use of language on our website and in our advertising indicating that the TCCS process can “eliminate”, “erase”, “invalidate”, “wipe out”, or “reduce to zero” a consumer’s credit card debt.

You know, however, from talking to our staff and attending or listening to a conference call that we have never presented the TCCS program as some sort of “magic wand” that makes your debt go away. Rather we try to educate people concerning the range of possible outcomes – ranging from the possibility that you can be sued and such a case might require a settlement with the creditor to the fact that the debt can possibly be eliminated through an FDCPA lawsuit against the debt collector for documented violations of the FDCPA.

The AG contends that the use of such language as “reduce credit card debt to zero” or “wipe out” or “invalidate” or eliminate” is misleading. And frankly, we have no problem changing such language to better reflect what we really do.

What I find ironic is that the AG itself is more than guilty of using misleading language on their web site because the AG has knowingly posted UNTRUE libelous statements concerning The Credit Card Solution on the official web site of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

On July 9th, the AG posted a press release on its web site regarding the actions taken against The Credit Card Solution. Yet on the witness stand in the Temporary Injunction hearing, the investigator for the Office of the Attorney General admitted that she had found NO FACTUAL BASIS FOR THE ALLEGATIONS CONTAINED IN THE AG PRESS RELEASE.

The OAG press release states that “investigators for the OAG have reason to believe that The Credit Card Solution has improperly withheld almost $500,000 in consumer’s money which should have gone to debt relief services.” THAT IS UNTRUE! The basis for the allegation is an internet complaint filed with the OAG by the CCDN, a former service provider utilized by TCCS with whom we terminated our Agreement because the CCDN was not doing what it was paid to do.

The investigator for the OAG admitted under oath that she had done NO INVESTIGATION into the truthfulness of the complaint nor did she EVEN ATTEMPT an investigation into the factual basis of the complaint!! Yet the allegation is presented as FACT on the AG’s press release.

The AG press release also states that The Credit Card Solution has violated provisions of the Texas Business Opportunity Act by offering an unregistered business opportunity (our affiliate program). Yet the language of the Texas Business Opportunity Act is clear in that registration is only required if a business opportunity asks for an initial consideration of $500 or more. Our affiliate program has never cost more than $299 for a sign up and thus is not required to be registered under the act. The investigator for the AG admitted under oath that she had NO EVIDENCE that any affiliate has ever paid over $500 to become an affiliate and further that she made NO ATTEMPT TO INVESTIGATE whether we were in fact charging more than $500 for our affiliate program. Yet the allegation is presented as FACT on the AG’s press release.

The AG press release further states that The Credit Card Solution has violated provisions of the Texas Finance Code by failing to register as a Credit Services Organization and post the required bond. Since The Credit Card Solution does not directly perform the credit restoration part of our process and in fact utilizes entities exempt from registration under the act to perform these services, we did not believe that such registration would be required of us. The investigator for the AG admitted under oath that she did NO INVESTIGATION into whether or not we might be exempt from the registration act and she further admitted that she did not even know what exemptions there were to the act. Yet the allegation is presented as FACT on the AG’s press release. (The Credit Card Solution did offer to the court that we are willing to register as a Credit Services Organization and post the required bond – the bond costs $200).

Now the amazing thing is, in spite of this testimony from the investigator for the AG, the court granted a Temporary Injunction against The Credit Card Solution continuing the freeze on our bank accounts until the trial date which is set for November. Unfortunately, the judge to which the case was assigned is a new judge with no prior District Court judicial experience. His previous experience as a judge was in municipal court where he dealt with traffic tickets!

The net effect of the Temporary Injunction is to put us out of business. The AG seized almost $100,000 dollars in our operating account and my personal account. We have no access to the money. Nor are we allowed to receive payments from existing or new clients at this time. Any payments received on or after July 9th have not been processed and will not be processed. Even our web site has to be taken down.

I find it appalling that this kind of thing occurs in the United States of America. The “system” works to silence the voices of those who would oppose or speak out against the injustice in the “system”.

Because we care about you, our clients, my staff has worked for the last three weeks WITHOUT PAY. However, this cannot continue. Nor are funds available to pay for normal operating expenses such as phones, rent, equipment lease, etc.

We will continue to service you to the extent we are able for as long as we are able.

Please address any support issues to level2support@thecreditcardsolution.com .

Address other comments directly to me, bob@thecreditcardsolution.com

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Bob Lindsey

September 22, 2009

From: Bob Lindsey
To: [ ]
Sent: Tue, September 22, 2009 6:08:16 PM
Subject: New Service Option Now Available!

I hope this finds you well but I also realize that it may not.

The actions of the Texas Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the CCDN have not only profoundly affected The Credit Card Solution negatively; you- the client- have been harmed as well.

Since The Credit Card Solution has been unable to provide services to you, you have been left on your own to either find another solution or simply struggle to deal with the creditors and collectors all on your own.


Because we are concerned about you, I and some of the former staff from The Credit Card Solution are now working with a Texas corporation organized as a Not For Profit Corporation to provide an even better service package than previously offered!

No longer do you have to submit every single debt collector letter to the support team for review. Instead, you will be provided with the dispute letters you need right up front with proper instructions on how to utilize them. Of course, should you have a question about any correspondence received or need any assistance, our support staff will provide whatever help you need by phone, fax, and email.

Should you be sued by an original creditor, you will be referred to a professional debt negotiator who can and will negotiate a reasonable settlement for you that will prevent a judgment being entered against you! (unlike the CCDN who tells you to settle ON YOUR OWN) Already, a number of clients have found this service to be a life saver with discounted settlements and reasonable payments being negotiated on their behalf and preventing a judgment being filed against them.

Should you be sued by a third party debt collector, you will be referred to a knowledgeable attorney proficient in defending lawsuits from debt collectors. Attorneys knowledgeable in this area often enjoy a better than 90% success rate in beating these debt collector lawsuits! (unlike the CCDN who leaves you to defend yourself ON YOUR OWN) Some clients have just recently seen great success here with lawsuits DISMISSED or WITHDRAWN!

Should you be illegally harassed by a debt collector, you will be referred to a knowledgeable attorney proficient in bringing court action against debt collectors for violations of Federal and State debt collection laws! (unlike the CCDN who just tells you that you don’t have any violations) There have been several successful lawsuits against abusive debt collectors in the news just this week!

This is a process designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you in your particular situation!

I encourage you to see what we are doing and how we can help you!

Our fees are much lower than TCCS and additionally, we are giving all TCCS clients a PRO RATA CREDIT for any monies paid to TCCS!

Which means, if you paid TCCS in full, you will only pay a nominal fee of $100 to receive service. If the $100 is problematic for you, the $100 will be WAIVED!

If you paid TCCS ? of the money you owed TCCS, you will only pay ? of the new reduced fee!

If you paid TCCS 3 payments out of 12, you will only pay 9 remaining payments of the new reduced fee!

The name of this company is Freedom From Debt Alliance.

For more information, go to www.FreedomFromDebtAlliance.info .

Call us toll free [ ] and one of our staff will be happy to speak with you, answer your questions, and get whatever information to you necessary for you to move forward and receive the help you need!

You can also email me bob@freedomfromdebtalliance.info , let me know if you would like to speak to someone, and either I or one of our staff will call you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bob Lindsey
Freedom From Debt Alliance

The Credit Card Solution
333 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 1190
Houston, TX 77060
(281) 999-8227

October 14, 2009

From: Bob Lindsey
To: [ ]
Sent: Wed, October 14, 2009 7:51:13 AM
Subject: FFDA is Helping People!

Recently I sent you an email regarding the new service option now available to you as a previous client of The Credit Card Solution.

As The Credit Card Solution is currently unable to provide any services, I thought you might be interested in hearing about Freedom From Debt Alliance, a Texas non-profit corporation. A number of people responded to the previous email and are now receiving the enhanced services being provided by Freedom From Debt Alliance.

Additionally, FFDA is having great success in assisting people who are being sued by creditors and debt collectors!

With FFDA, should you be sued by a third party debt collector, you are referred to a knowledgeable attorney proficient in defending lawsuits from debt collectors. Attorneys knowledgeable in this area often enjoy a better than 90% success rate in beating these debt collector lawsuits!

Consider the case of one client in a state on the east coast who was facing a huge lawsuit ( $50K) from one of the big banks that was being represented by a local attorney/debt collector. This client called all around his state looking for an attorney to represent him and was unable to find any help! We were able to get him with an attorney who not only represented him in court but who also was able to force the other side to WITHDRAW THEIR CASE! NO MONEY WAS PAID TO THE COLLECTOR!

Also with FFDA, should you be sued by an original creditor, you will be referred to a professional debt negotiator who can and will negotiate a reasonable settlement for you that will prevent a judgment being entered against you!

Consider another case of a client in a state located in the western part of the country who, when he talked with the FFDA staff, was facing a Motion For Summary Judgment the very next morning in state court due to an original creditor lawsuit. This person had not yet signed with FFDA and in fact, had given up hope for any kind of resolution for his case and was planning on NOT showing up for his court date the next morning. Our conversation took place with him late in the afternoon and his court date was for 9am the next morning. We were able to get a professional debt negotiator on the case immediately who aggressively worked the case and was not only able to keep the client from getting a judgment but was able to negotiate settlement for 50 cents on the dollar paid in monthly payments!

These two examples are representative of the results we are seeing for FFDA clients!

The FFDA process is a process designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you in your particular situation!

I encourage you to see what we are doing and how we can help you!

Our fees are much lower than TCCS and additionally, we are giving all TCCS clients a PRO RATA CREDIT for any monies paid to TCCS!

Which means, if you paid TCCS in full, you will only pay a nominal fee of $100 to receive service. If the $100 is problematic for you, the $100 will be WAIVED!

If you paid TCCS ÂÂ? of the money you owed TCCS, you will only pay ÂÂ? of the new reduced fee!

If you paid TCCS 3 payments out of 12, you will only pay 9 remaining payments of the new reduced fee!

For more information, go to www.FreedomFromDebtAlliance.info .

Call us toll free at [ ] and one of our staff will be happy to speak with you, answer your questions, and get whatever information to you necessary for you to move forward and receive the help you need!

You can also email me bob@freedomfromdebtalliance.info , let me know if you would like to speak to someone, and either I or one of our staff will call you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bob Lindsey
Freedom From Debt Alliance

Freedom From Debt Alliance
363 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E.
Suite 1100 PMB #129
Houston, TX 77060

October 14, 2009

From: Michelle Palmer
To: [ ]
Sent: Wed, October 14, 2009 2:39:57 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: URGENT – From The Credit Card Solution

As I was trying to explain to you – due to the actions of the Texas Attorney General, is has forced The Credit Card Solution to close its doors. Which means that any contractual obligation you may have had with The Credit Card Solution is now “null” and “void”.

That is why I called you earlier, was to inform you that we now have an alternative service available to you. This service is not identical to what The Credit Card Solution offered as this is a completely different company, there is no connection between The Credit Card Solution and Freedom From Debt Alliance.

We would be happy to help you continue thru the process of handling your unmanageable credit card debt, however you must understand that there are differences in the service offered.

If you would like to receive our services, then there would be no additional cost to you unless you happen to be sued by an original creditor or a debt collector in state court, which we would then provide an attorney to you for no more than $1,000 which would be paid directly to the attorney at that time. If we were to file an FDCPA case for you in Federal Court, then there is no additional out of pocket expense for you as the attorney would take his fees off the top of your winnings.

Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any additional questions or if you would like to receive these new services offered by Freedom From Debt Alliance.

Thank you,


Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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