Attorney Lloyd Ward and The Debt Answer Want Me to Switch My Debt Settlement Account to Each Other

“Dear Steve,

I just spoke to Debt Answer and was told that Lloyd Ward and Lloyd were partners and they split and now they are fighting over clients. Lloyd ward put a hold on my global solutions account for drafts but is still collecting the fees. Debt answer told me that I have to close my Global Solutions account and they will reopen under debt answer. They said I have to sign a power of attorney for deb answer. Oh my gosh what a mess. What should I do”

The situation is a mess for sure. Both Texas attorney Lloyd Ward and his ex-business partner Lloyd Regner are engaged in an apparent tug of war over existing clients. In fact they are both named as entries in a couple of current lawsuits with Regner’s ex-partner, Kevin Devoto.

I would logically assume this is a disagreement over who wins the money to be earned from the clients. Both accuse the other of some nasty intentions and actions.

Ward allegedly says, “I have fired ABC Debt Relief Ltd., Co., The Debt Answer LLC, and their owner, Lloyd Regner, and in fact issued cease and desist letters to these companies for improperly accessing your data.” – Source

Lloyd Regner allegedly says, “Please disregard Mr. Ward’s communications. Mr. Ward would like you to change providers to his law firm so that TDA/BDO and the representatives with whom you have worked are no longer involved in working on your debt settlement.” And, “We take exception to Mr. Ward’s attempts to trick our valued customers and are addressing the issue with Mr. Ward.” – Source

If it is true that Lloyd Ward put a hold on payments to creditors but is still taking fees, that is alarming. For that matter alone you might want to file a complaint with the Texas Bar, since he is an attorney and has a fiduciary duty to his clients for accountability and transparency. Here is the Texas Bar complaint procedure.

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Besides the obvious confusion over which entity you actually are the client of, I think there is now tremendous doubt as to who your client agreement is with and who has access to your client funds with Global Client Solutions.

In Lloyd Ward’s alleged email to consumers urging them to switch, sign, or not sign, whatever the action du jour is. He advised that consumers should filed complaints with their State Attorney General office. “I ask that you notify both my office and your local State Attorney General’s office regarding such request and any change.” – Source

So here are the big problems as I see them:

  1. Who has access to your personal information?
  2. Are you actually being represented by an attorney?
  3. Who is controlling access to your client funds?
  4. Who is taking fees from or controlling your client funds?
  5. How does anyone know who they are really the client of?

Let’s say you pick the wrong person to go with. With all this confusion it’s quite possible that whoever you decide on will later say they were not properly compensated because the other party took the money you owe them.

In my opinion at this point there is absolutely no way to know who you are the client of without either the Texas Bar, a regulator, or the court, providing an opinion of the legality of all this confidential data access, financial access, and a review of the client agreement.

It just simply appears to be a no-win limbo situation has been created by the actions of Lloyd Ward and Lloyd Regner.

I wish I had better advice but at this point I think with the uncertainty you should do the following to try and get to the bottom of the issue.

  1. File a complaint with the Texas Bar over the attorney provided part of your debt settlement services.
  2. File a complaint with the Attorney General of your state over the current situation.
  3. File a complaint with your local BBB about the current situation.
  4. Contact Global Client Solutions and ask them to put in writing who exactly is authorized to access your client funds.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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15 thoughts on “Attorney Lloyd Ward and The Debt Answer Want Me to Switch My Debt Settlement Account to Each Other”

  1. I am on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. I am 2 years and 12 thousand dollars in and none of my debts have been satisfied. As a matter of fact Lloyd Ward ignored one of my creditors until they received a judgement against me. My take-home pay continues to get smaller and I have cut my living expenses as far down as I can. My back is against the wall now.

  2. just tried to contact Lloyd Ward & Associated, guess what, the first number  was disconnected with no other number given,,,,,What??????? second number just said this was a voicemail and leave a message and someone would get in touch w/me. They did not even give the name of the company what the he#$ is going on. Oh Oh oh oh another thing when they did finally get in touch w/me a couple of months ago I wanted a complete printout of my payments, who was paid, etc. etc. only one debt was paid and I have been a client of theirs for two years. When I asked about that they said I had to pay fee first. and my fee payments were finished in February 2012. I left a message for them to call me back, Monday is labor day so we’ll see if they call me on tuesday. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

  3. O my gosh I’m in this mess too. I haven’t called either of them because I am so confused!!! I just received a letter from a debt collector I don’t know who to refer them to. I noticed that money wasn’t taken out for last month. Help!!!!!

  4. I just received an email from  customerservice@lloydwardlawfirm.com on July 2,2012. It was mainly “Tips on Saving” etc.. The funny thing was that they ended the email with… “You may always contact us through our main Customer Service number,”  with this contact information !  Customer Service. THE DEBT ANSWER Toll Free ….???? (no number)
    Fax number 866-667-2784. Then the email customerservice@thedebtanswer.com  ! JEEZ !!! When is this going to be settled !??? I have creditors calling now !

  5. I called Lloyd Ward and they do indeed have a bunch of new reps who know pretty much nothing. I asked to talk to someone higher up on the chain. They of course were busy and I had to leave a message. I then called Global to see if my account had a hold on it. No draft was scheduled to come out of my checking account as of today and it is suppose to come out on the 1st and today is the 27th. They did process a creditor. I spoke with the customer advocacy person and he told me that Lloyd Ward is the company that they have the contract with on their end. He had no knowledge of any holds on accounts but couldn’t say for  100% sure because Lloyd Ward is a company that usually schedules things only a couple days in advance, whereas other companies do a year or more at time. He is emailing Lloyd Ward for me to see if that would speed up my call back from them. I will await my call from Lloyd Ward and let you know that they say.

    • Please do. And while you are at it I’d suggest you call The Debt Answer as well.

      Until we get a consensus answer from all parties Lloyd Ward, The Debt Answer, and Global Client Solutions, we have no clarity or information that can be relied on with any degree of certainty and confidence.

      Keep digging and keep us all posted.

      BTW, if you have not seen it yet, here is what The Debt Answer allegedly said about this matter. https://getoutofdebt.org/44028/the-debt-answer-best-debt-options-allegedly-fire-back-lloyd-ward

      • Lloyd Ward has changed all their email, phone numbers and address. So if you contact their old numbers you will get debt answer people. It is clear that Lloyd Ward must be the only one with access to my Global account if debt answer wanted me to sign a POA so they could close Global and reopen in their name. I did ask Debt Answer if I had legal support from them and they said if legal matters arose they have lawyers they can contact. I wouldn’t call that legal support. 


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