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I Don’t Want to Repay Loans to a Christian School that Bullied Me Out

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I decided to enroll into the Massage Therapy Program at Everest University which I quickly discovered was not only a scam but very unprofessional.

I attended 6 out of the 9 months it took to graduate because my teacher began to harass me when he discovered I was a lesbian, he harassed me in school as well as on my Facebook which I have proof of that ended up involving my wife’s mom and ultimately him also harassing her.

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I do not want to have to pay back loans to a Christian School that pretty much bullied me out.



Dear Brittany,

Well hopefully these are federal student loans and not private. If they are federal loans then you can follow one of these options to deal with your loans.

But based on your statements, it sounds like you might be able to use this program to forgive your federal student loans. You will need to make sure you supply a significant amount of data to support your claim. Give the Department of Education all the information they can use to rule in your favor.

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  • If I might, I would suggest using the proof you have of harassment by the teacher to sue the school for the cost of attendance, interest on the lost money of the cost of attendance, lost opportunities, mental anguish, and legal fees.
    Settle to cost of attendance and legal fees.
    You could even file suit pro-se (without lawyer) if you cant afford/find a pro bono attorney.

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