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Banking Issue

I Had a Joint Checking Account With My Mother Who Passed Away. – Mark

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“Dear Steve, I had a joint checking account with my mother in 2006 and she passed away in December that year. There were some transactions (retirement checks) posted to the account from my father who passed away in 1996. but were reversed because of her death. This and the checking fees has caused the bank account to be overdrawn which ... Read More »

    The Credit Card Protection Insurance is Not Paying the Bill. – Val

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    “Dear Steve, Daughters situation-Married, aquired 11,000 in credit card debt 2 years ago. Making all payments 300.00 monthly and also fell for insurance which is supposed to pay if you are ho[pitalized or unable to work. She recently had baby, out of work 6 weeks no pay. The only help she gets for pay 112.00 a month for 2 years ... Read More »

      I Tried to Open a Checking Account and the Bank Turned Me Down. – Ken

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      “Dear Steve, Ok my credit started to get bad about 6 maybe 7 years ago with charge offs for credit cards. Lately I have had some recent things like medical etc. I just went to get a checking account and they refused me (Univest) and sent me email of why. In that email it stated that I have an equifax ... Read More »

        How Do I Get Bank of America to Lower My Interest Rates When They Say I Paid Late? – Kathy

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        “Dear Steve, I took out a “consolidation loan” with BOA. The statements are like credit card statements instead of loan statements. I send my payments thru my bank. A while back that were recording my payments one day late and adding fees and uped the interest rate. How do I prove this and get them to lower the interest rate ... Read More »

          Thank You For Your Compassionate Help You Provide Others. – Barbara

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          “Steve, Thank you for the compassionate help you provide to your readers. Your extensive knowledge of financial matters and the integrity and honesty with which you answer readers, telling it like it is with no beating around the bush, is a rare commodity. Keep up the good work! I have read your website extensively and found that your answers to ... Read More »

            I Just Want to Hand the Boat Keys Back to PNC Bank. – Chris

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            “Dear Steve, Have owned boat for about five years. The note is with national city, now PNC Bank. By National City’s standards I was never late. PNC bank claims I was late paying 30 days over one year ago. They reported it on my credit and claim I owe them a penalty of near $300.00. What can I do? How ... Read More »

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