NJ Attorney in CT Hot Water Over a Loan Modification in 2014

The State of Connecticut has flexed its muscle against New Jersey attorney Filipe Pedroso and Pedroso Legal Services for providing loan modification assistance. The State says Pedroso is a licensed attorney in New Jersey but not in Connecticut. According to official documents, Pedrosa states he only assisted one Connecticut resident in 2014 but now faces … Read more

National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly Pissed at Co-Defendants

An interesting development in the case filed against GM Law Firm, Chantel Grant, National Legal Staffing Support, Resolvly, Gregory Fishman, Julie Queler, Kevin Mason, JG Factor, Benjamin Zuckerman, and Berger Singerman. It turns out Julie Queler is the majority shareholder of National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly but is not getting answers from her co-defendants … Read more

People or Entities Banned From Debt Relief as of June 23, 2021

The FTC has obtained federal court orders banning the companies and people listed below from participating in all or specific types of debt relief businesses. Generally speaking, debt relief is any program or service that offers to change the terms of a debt between a person and one or more creditors or debt collectors, including … Read more

Multiple Student Loan Debt Relief Entitles Settle With FTC

The operators of a student loan debt relief scheme are banned from providing debt relief services and have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they collected illegal upfront fees and falsely promised to lower or even eliminate consumers’ loan payments or balances. In its 2019 complaint, the FTC alleged that Student Advocates Team … Read more

CFPB Takes Action Against Debt-Settlement Company for Charging Consumers Unlawful Fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requested today that a federal district court enter a final judgment and order that, if entered by the court, would require DMB Financial, LLC to pay consumers at least $5.4 million for charging unlawful fees and failing to provide required disclosures to its customers, and a civil penalty. The … Read more

The Wife of Jeremy Marcus Loses Appeal and Commission

Amanda Finley tried her best to keep her real estate commission from selling her husband, Jeremy Marcus, a Florida home, but there is a catch. Jeremy Marcus was the person behind 321 Loans and 321Financial that imploded after the Federal Trade Commission went after them for defrauding consumers. Finley was arguing that the real estate … Read more

Jay Singh and American Financial Support Services End With a Wimper

American Financial Support Services (AFSS) was one of the companies that were sucked up in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) action that involved Arete Financial Group, Arete Financial Freedom, CBC Conglomerate, 1file.org, Diamond Choice, Interest Rate Solutions, J&L Enterprise, Premier Solutions Servicing, La Casa Bonita Investments, Education Loan Network, Edunet, and US Financial Freedom Center. … Read more

Put a Fork in NASCO Suit Against the CFPB

It appears the suit filed by the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NASCO) against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is kaput. This saga began about 10 months ago when NASCO was trying to raise money from members to sue the CFPB and rid the credit repair industry of the irritating Telemarketing Sales Rules … Read more

GreenPath Settlement Case Dismissed With Prejudice

As anticipated, the debt management nonprofit GreenPath has managed to terminate one of the recent lawsuits against it. This one was the case brought in Norton v. GreenPath where the claim was the debt management company was engaged in settling debt. You can read more about that case in the bottom half of this post. … Read more

CT Strikes Advocate Processing Services for Mortgage Modification

The State of Connecticut is notoriously tough on debt relief companies, This is not new. I’ve been warning companies about this for many years. The State has just announced a new action that can serve as a learning moment for others. Advocate Processing Services and Jonathan Michael Kelley have been issued this order. The order … Read more

GreenPath Suffers Setback in Recent Lawsuit That Applies to All Debt Management

The folks at Greenpath, the non-profit debt management company, were recently sued. I wrote about that here. Greenpath attempt to get one of the suits dismissed In the Pries-Daniels suit where it was alleged GreenPath was charging fees that did not comply with Georgia law, the Court denied the claim to dismiss the case. I’m … Read more

You Didn’t Need to be Psychic to See That Coming – DMB Financial

Not long ago I wrote about a debt relief company, DMB Financial that sued the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in what looked like an effort to get out from under an investigation. See this post. Well, a few minutes ago, I was notified the CFPB went ahead and sued them. The CFPB said, “Today, … Read more

Connecticut Goes After Attorney for Debt Negotiation Services

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Connecticut go after someone for debt adjusting or debt negotiation services. But it looks like they are back. The State alleges that Pedroso Legal Services LLC a/k/a ELAWNJ.COM accepted money from one Connecticut consumer for debt help. “7. Legal Services is a New Jersey limited liability company … Read more