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Can Capital One Get a Judgment Against Me?

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Capital One has a judgement againest me, my only income is Social Security and I have no assests. I can not afford to pay debt what can be done to me? Can my checking acct account be frozen if the only deposit is from Social SEcurity? Kathy This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person ... Read More »

    What Kind of Loan Do I Need to Pay Off Husband in Divorce? – Joann

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    Divorce and house paid off what loan do i need to pay half back to husband. Hi, I am getting a divorce but I will keep the house. The house is paid off but I will have to pay spouse half of value of house. What loan would be best to get. The house should stand good for loan also. ... Read More »

      A Man With a Heavy Accent Says if I Don’t Make a Payment on a Prepaid Card I Will be Arrested. – Kimberly

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      I have been geeting a call from a man with a heavy acients saying that if i do not give them 700 on a prepaid card they will arrest me and put me in jail. what should I do they sounds very confident and it has scared me what should I do help Kimberly This is your chance to be ... Read More »

        I Went to School to be a Manicurist and Owe Money for That. – Lisa

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        I went to school to be a manicurist ,and I owe 2500 I wanna know can that get written off ,or the plan doesn’t pertain to me….if it does who and how do I contact them….thank you This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in ... Read More »

          What Can I Do to Reduce or Eliminate Student Loan Collection Fees? – Debbie

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          I have student loans that went into default and which I have been working to get current. Now they’re charging me over $8,000 in collection fees. This is inflating my loan to over $41K. What recourse do I have to reduce these fees or eliminate them? Debbie This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person ... Read More »

            How Can Alliance8, Freedom Fidelity Management and All State National Take My Money?

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            Originally i started with Alliance 8 /Freedom Fidelity management 9 moths ago i learned the merge with into All State National.They own me money, because they didn’t settle the reason why i first got into this program, All State wanted me to sign another contract with them and give more money. I have being calling to every-single number that i ... Read More »

              Consumer Gets a Judgment Against Him But Never Served. Asks for Help and Ideas.

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              A reader has written in and asked for advice on the following situation they say involves Persolve, Bill Finley, Paul Castagna, Geri Phillip, Kathleen Pearson, Thomas Halen, Robert Engilman, Michael Halpin, Kevin Frazier, Golden Gate Financial, Persolve Financial, and Comprehensive Legal Solutions. Please read the consumer’s information and feel free to respond to the consumer in the comments section below. ... Read More »

                I Owned a Car and Gave It to My Sister. She Totaled It. Creditor Wants Fines. – Johana

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                I owned a car in oregon from 1997-2003, after which I gave said car to my sister and then she totaled it in 2005. This morning I opened a letter, a creditor is asking me to pay 1600 in fines from 2002 on this car. It seems to me that this has exceeded any statute of limitations for either Oregon ... Read More »

                  My Hummer Was Picked Up. – Tammi

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                  April 2012 Hummer was picked up. We are dealing directly with the lender. It is on credit report but his credit has not gone down. We are making monthly payments. We are wanting to maybe buy a new home. Are we going to have to wait a certain length of time before buying one? Does the repo have to be ... Read More »

                    Can a Florida Car Lender Repo My Car if They Accept Late Car Payments? – Wanda

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                    Hi August 7, 2012 the car dealership repoed my car. I received a call around 3pm asking me.when i was making. I make my payments monthly. Sometimes i have paid late and they have accepted my payment. without notifying me. I found florida stautue 493.6404 says this is an illegal tow. On your website You state that in some states ... Read More »

                      Can I Go Back to School If I’m Enrolled in a Debt Management Program? – Kim

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                      I am enrolled in a debt management program but I would like to go back to school. Can I take out a student loan , there website says that it will be reported to my creditors.? Can I take out a student loan while in DMP? Kim This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person ... Read More »

                        What is the Best Way to Pay Off Sallie Mae Loans in Full? – Gayle

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                        Daughter graduated college with $58,000 in student loans (some federal and private) with Salle Mae. Have reading about the many problems people are experiencing, Want to fully pay off these loans but concerned Salle Mae will mess up the payoff. What is the foolproof process for completing the loan payoff? This is your chance to be a hero and help ... Read More »

                          How Can I Stop the Rent to Own Furniture Company From Calling My References? – Sue

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                          rental company (funiture) do continue to pay the company, if they turn the acct. over to collection, before the bill was 30days behind. in-fact bill in the contract the bill is due on the 1st, but we were to have a veral contract that is due on the 3rd. before the midddle of the month the bill went to collection. ... Read More »

                            How Can Capital One Add Thousands On To An Account Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Sued Me For And Dismissed? – Rich

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                            2/10/2010 Debt collecting law firm Frederick Hanna and Associates filed a lawsuit against me attempting to collect $4034 which represented a Capital One credit card debt that they charged off. 4/1/2010 I went to court and it resulted in a voluntary dismissal without prejudice from Capitol one/Frederick Hanna and Associates. My credit report now shows a balance of $6657 owed. ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been on Social Security Disability for a Social Anxiety Disorder. – Robert

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                              I have been on SS disability due to socaila anxiety disorder since 2008. Before and since my disability I have traded/invested in the stock market mostly losing money. But lately I have been making money on one particualr investment. I bought 2 million shares of a sub-penny stock and it’s doing very well. Some think it could go to 25 ... Read More »

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