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Shoud We Sign Our Deed Over to the Bank? – Renee

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mortgage modification,we waited 3 months for this program to come to term.when we recieved it they added 20,000 and 16 years to our life time debt,mind you we’re in our mid 50,s.we chose not to our other option would be .forclose or sign the deed we decided to sign it over.whats your take on this??they say we can ... Read More »

    How Can I Finish Cleaning Up My Credit If I’ve Used Up My Free Annual Credit Reports?

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    You already helped me greatly!! I had an unauthorized ck. go through my account at a bank that I banked since disabled (17 years) and by following their procedure, I became in debt, lost a life insurance policy, and had a revolving credit card debt picked up by a nasty third party (2 years later it appears) I took your ... Read More »

      Bank Says They Will Repossess My Air Conditioner. Claims Not Covered by Bankruptcy. – Jim

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        Bill Me Later Wants Me to Pay But I Can’t. Can I Settle With Bill Me Later? – Michael

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        My name is Michael, and I am 23 years old, 2500 dollars in debt to bill me later, and earn 8.50 an hour working for a computer retailer. I had never been given much to work with before, so I went nuts. Always saying “This will be my last purchase.” I screwed up. Badly. Recently, my payments have begun increasing. ... Read More »

          I Can’t Sleep Because of My Anxiety Over My Payday Loans. – Michelle

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          I work at a grocery store. Make about $1400 per month and have 7 payday lpans with minimums of $1400 per month. Help!!! I have 7 payday loans/ installment loans, really stupid u know! Plus other debt in collections. I can’t pay all the payday loan debt, I’m in way over my head. I’m looking at consolidation. What’s the best ... Read More »

            How Can I Find Out Who I Owe So I Can Settle My Accounts With Credit Solutions? – Peter

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            In 2007, I signed up with Credit Solutions to settle a lot of debt. All of the accounts have been settled except for 2. Credit Solutions seems not to be operating anymore after all the lawsuits that began in 2009. I’ve tried the contact form on their website, and I’ve tried calling two of the numbers from their website that ... Read More »

              How Do I Deal With Payday Loans That Are Defaulting? – Lynn

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              I gambled and lost : Waiting for the unemployment insurance that was denied I took out 3 payday loans. stupid, yes. what do I do now? I closed the checking account but the trouble with fees and collections will be devastating. any suggestions? How do I deal with payday loans that are defaulting? Lynn This is your chance to be ... Read More »

                Is Embrace Home Loans for Real or a Scam? – Trish

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                I owe 93,500.00 on my home loan, am trying to get a harp loan, for better interest rates and to lower my mortgage payments, I also recently had to purchase a used vehicle, putting me into another 13000.00 in debt, is there an actual embrace home loan co. that will pay off my debt and give me a fully tax-deductible ... Read More »

                  Will My Mom Get Her Social Security Garnished for Credit Card Debt? – Mary

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                  My mom is 88 years old and living on social security. She is struggling to pay her credit cards, can they garnish her check if she stops paying on them? Mary This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section below. Read More »

                    Indiana Tech Institute Didn’t Process My Financial Aid. Now I’m in Debt. – Lashawana

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                    School that didn’t do their job I was enrolled in online classes with indiana tech institute. I had two classes in the fall and one class in the winter. I submitted all the forms they ask me to submit before the deadline for my financial aid and now i have a huge debt hanging over my head. This is your ... Read More »

                      Do I Have to Pay Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for an Old Bill? – Alvin

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                      I received a bill from Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for $4022 on 7/21/12. Fidelity is trying to collect for Aureon Lab services on 7/23/10, 7/23/10, and 9/27/10 just prior to and after to my Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer on 9/1/10. Aureon labs went out of business on 10/12/11. I called my Medical Clinic and they indicated that no claims from ... Read More »

                        Can I Discharge State and Federal Income Taxes In Bankruptcy? – Janet

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                        I have been self employed for over twenty years and I owe a substantial amount of federal and state income taxes..I cant foresee ever paying it off and I wanted to know if these debts are forgiven in bankruptcy Can I file for bankruptcy for a fresh start or is there any other options? Janet This is your chance to ... Read More »

                          I Traded Trucks Back and Forth With My Father. How Will That Impact My Bankruptcy?

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                          We have decided to file Chapter 7 because we are not getting anywhere paying off our credit cards and our auto loan is high interest as well and can’t find anyone to refinance it to get relief on monthly payments. My lawyer consultation is on Saturday and I wanted to ask your opinion of something on bankruptcy. My question is ... Read More »

                            How Can I Cancel My Contract With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Linda

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                            Signed up with Legal Helpers two years ago. Have not received anything in writing letting me know which companies have been paid off even though I’ve requested information by phone and e-mail. They have given verbal answers but not when debt was paid off, how much the settlement was, etc. They gave me a website to go to for this ... Read More »

                              I Paid Off My Car With My Credit Union But They Won’t Give Me the Title. – Linda

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                              I paid off my car with the credit union they are holding my car title for Visa card payment. The Visa has been turned over to collection agency. For years I have not been able to get my title. I called up the credit union and asked about the title. They sent me a letter on their letterhead releasing the ... Read More »

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