Beling & Associates – Consumer Complaint – June 26, 2019

Consumer Statement: This firm promised to consolidate my student loan which I was paying to much.They charged me 150.00 monthly since 4/2-16 to this date. Now that I been sued by by the student loan company I can’t find them. Consumer Action Taken: I tried to call, phone # doesn’t exist anymore. They don’t answer …

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Beling & Associates Student Loan Assistance Websites(s) Make Me Curious

Update March 1, 2016 I received the following error report from Craig Beling. I would like to thank him for sending in this update to help clarify information posted here. Craig said, “It has come to my attention that you have recently posted information on your website insinuating that I may have engaged in fraudulent …

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Beling & Associates – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2016

Consumer Statement: Law Firm claiming they could reduce or eliminate student loan debt. Paying them your student loan amount for 3 years to reduce or eliminate further debt. After researching them I found they have been implicated in fraud with other businesses/companies though they claim to be a legitimate law firm using a legitimate Texas …

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