What Ever Happened to Clearing Solutions and What is Citadel Document Solutions?

Question: Dear Steve, Does anyone know what happened to Clearing Solutions? The BBB shows serious complaints and that the BBB has exhausted all forms of contact trying to reach the company. I noticed internet complaints mentioning that Golden Financial Services used Clearing Solutions to service their clients. Between all the complaints connecting Golden Financial Services … Read more

Clearing Solutions – Consumer Complaint – October 1, 2019

Consumer Statement: I am about to file a complaint with NYS Attorney General office and i wanted to know if anyone was successful in obtaining a refund after Clearing Solutions closed down. I paid them $17,500.00 for helping with my credit card debt. Of course, they took all the money and closed down their business. … Read more

Clearing Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 30, 2016

Consumer Statement: I responded to a letter I received in the mail to help me get out of debt. I spoke with a compliance officer named Jeff. Jeff informed me that Clearing Solutions was a federally regulated program. He told me that my payments would be put into an escrow fund until a percentage was … Read more

Clearing Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 15, 2016

Consumer Statement: I received a letter by mail sometime in January 2015 in reference to getting help for debt. I contacted Clearing Solutions by phone and initially spoke with a compliance officer named Jeff. Jeff went through several pieces of information about this company. I was told this was a federally regulated program, and they … Read more

Beling & Associates Student Loan Assistance Websites(s) Make Me Curious

Update March 1, 2016 I received the following error report from Craig Beling. I would like to thank him for sending in this update to help clarify information posted here. Craig said, “It has come to my attention that you have recently posted information on your website insinuating that I may have engaged in fraudulent … Read more

Pure Solutions, Inc Raises Some Legitimate Questions

A reader forwarded me a client agreement by a company called Pure Solutions, Inc. The company says it is located at 76 Cranbrook Rd, Suite 249, Cockeysville, MD 21030. The consumer was being charged around $14,000 for the company to send out less than five debt validation letters. A few minutes of looking around and … Read more