Burlington Financial Group Targeted for Deceptive Debt-Relief and Credit-Repair Services

On June 29, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a proposed order in federal district court against Burlington Financial Group and its owners and executives, Richard Burnham, Katherine Burnham, and Sang Yi, for allegedly deceiving consumers into hiring the company to lower or eliminate credit-card debts and improve consumers’ credit scores. If entered … Read more

How Do I Get My Money Back From Burlington Financial?

Question: Dear Steve, I had paid Burlington Financial $13,947.00 to help me get out of credit card debt. Now, this occurred in 2015. 1. How can l get my money back if they have not followed through with their obligations? Citronella Answer: Dear Citronella, I think you are actually talking about Burlington Financial Group. If … Read more

Burlington Financial Group – Consumer Complaint – March 20, 2020

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I was mislead as to what services were being delivered. Burlington has me believing that my debt was being handled over the course of several months, and thousands of dollars. In the end I canceled all services after at least 4 different case managers were assigned to my file. Consumer Action Taken: I … Read more

Burlington Financial Group – Consumer Complaint – April 12, 2019

Consumer Statement: Burlington Finanical Group, LLC contacted my husband while he was recovering from serious health issues. We believe the people when they said they could help with debt reduction, just had to send them $496.64 each month. This was automatically deducted from our account. this was in July 2018. there have been no debt … Read more