Navient Says My Loan is Eligible for a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge But They Won’t Let My Cosigner Off the Loan

Question: Dear Steve, I have a private student loan from Navient (signature loan) since 2004. I have a cosigner on the loan. The loan qualifies for total and permanent disability discharge and Navient forward me the application for this private student loan after denying it exists for a while. I have to physicians fill the … Read more

Navient Won’t Send Me a Cosigner Release Letter to Prove I’m Off the Hook

Question: Dear Steve, I have been released as a cosigner on a loan by Navient since July. The person I consigned the loan for received the letter of release and sent me a copy. She has called Navient a second time to send a letter directly to me. The second request was made over a … Read more

90 Percent of Private Student Loan Borrowers Who Applied for Co-Signer Release Were Rejected

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Student Loan Ombudsman released a report finding high rates of consumers are being rejected for co-signer release on their private student loans, based on its review of industry practices. The Bureau uncovered problematic industry practices that may be disqualifying some consumers from securing a co-signer’s release from their … Read more

How to Get a Co-Signer Off a Private Student Loan

Private student loans are bad news all by themselves but when you add in a co-signer, things can get very financially messy. Co-signers think they are doing a nice thing for their relative or child when they co-sign. They think they are helping to further the persons education and give them a hand-up in life. … Read more

Letters to Release Co-Signer From Private Student Loan

Sample Letter on How a Borrower Can Release a Co-Signer You may use the sample letter on the next page to ask your loan servicing company for more information about how to release a co-signer. How to use this sample letter: Read the background below. Fill in your information on the sample letter and edit … Read more

How Do I Get Release as a Cosigner From My Student Loans With My Ex-Wife. – Bill

“Dear Steve, My previous wife and I have a consolidated loan with Direct Loan Services. When I log in it shows loan A which is mine for about 39,000 and then loan B which is hers for about 13,000. I have been paying the monthly payment on it since they keep sending me the statments … Read more