I Had a Student Visa But Had to Leave the UK Owing Council Tax

Question: Jon, My landlord scammed me into submitting my name for council tax exemption, resulting in the council issuing legal letters against me to payback. But I was on a student visa at that time, and due to family emergency had to leave the country immediately without getting a chance to respond to the council …

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Will I Be Arrested for Back Council Tax at Heathrow?

“Dear Jon, Back in England I couldn’t afford to pay my Council Tax when working and eventually it went to a payment plan. However shortly after this, I emigrated and naturally haven’t heard anything since. I’m now having to head back due to a sick Mother in February (over a year since I emigrated) and …

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Nightclub Boss Roughs Up and Threatens to Shoot Debt Collector

  Photo Credit: mbsurf Bristol Crown Court in England had their hands full today when a case involving a nightclub boss that threatened to shoot a debt collector collecting a £4,000 debt owed to the city passed over their desks today. Nightclub boss, Cam Mu, is being accused of having armed himself with a rifle …

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