Law Firm Makes it Part of Their Practice to Go After Debt Relief Companies

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the link for the Legal Assistance Center in Florida that now has a defined part of their practice to go after what they call, “credit scams.” The page describing this part of their practice says: Many debt relief and loan modification companies simply charge large upfront … Read more

Report a Debt Relief Scam. New Online Database to Protect Consumers.

I’m starting a new section of the website that will allow people to Report a Debt Relief Scam. The purpose is to allow consumers to report specific information about a debt relief scam. Once reported, I can investigate it further or, if requested, can report the information to regulators and law enforcement personnel to assist … Read more

Debt Buyers, Getting Sued by a Creditor, and Debt Relief Scams to Avoid – Get Out of Debt Podcast

This week Damon and I talk about debt buyers, companies that purchased charged off debt and attempt to collect them, the problem with the proof that debt buyers have to collect the debt, and the wave of lawsuits and judgments from debts buyers. We talk about what happens when you are sued by a creditor … Read more

Are the Commercials I See to Get Me Out of Debt, Legit? – Nicole

“Dear Steve, I have recently been seeing commercials that report there are helps out there if you have more than 10,000.00 in credit card debt. I have just about that as well as all the normal bills most people have. Not sure how I let that happen but…anyway, are there options out there that really … Read more