Student Loan Limbo and How to Get Out and Get On With Your Life! – Podcast

The issue today is that there seem to be so many conflicting stories and so much misinformation about student loans, people have become frustrated. Student loans are a major problem for most of our listeners and the nation. Not only are they unaffordable but they are also dragging down all consumers with higher prices, and … Read more

The Insanity of Coronavirus Payment Relief and The Massive Pain That is Coming

Yesterday I answered a reader question regarding the credit report impact of falling behind or skipping payments. See Will Credit Reports Take a Hit Because of Coronavirus? Today I learned about a paper published by Pamela Foohey (Indiana University Maurer School of Law), Dalié Jiménez (University of California, Irvine School of Law; Harvard Law School … Read more

Navient Pissing Contest Should be Beneath Them

The student loan servicer, Navient, has turned its outrage up to a borderline 11 claiming it has been unfairly painted in a light which says they are not awesome. Navient CEO Jack Remondi issued a statement saying, “Today’s article by the Associated Press [Link] continues the practice of ignoring facts to make false, sensational and … Read more

Filed Bankruptcy, in the Middle of a Divorce, and Student Loan Forbearance Ending Soon

Question: Dear Steve, Bankruptcy discharge February 2016. Separation from husband March 2016. Still in divorce proceedings. My student loan is in forbearance that will be ending soon. What if your bankruptcy was filed prior to July 2015 date mentioned in the article and now I’m going through a divorce with no chance of child support. … Read more

Making More Money Drives Up My Student Loan Payments

Question: Dear Steve, I owe like 50k or more in student loans that I will never be able to pay. I graduated in 1997 and have been able for various reasons to defer with different programs until recently. I guess laws changed. My loans are with Granite State. I am setup on income based payments. … Read more