Debt Reduction Defendants Banned From Telemarketing

Operators of Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scheme Barred from Telemarketing, Will Turn Over Funds Frozen by Court The Arizona-based defendants behind an alleged fraudulent credit card interest rate reduction scam will be permanently barred from the telemarketing business, and must turn over all of their remaining funds, in order to settle Federal Trade Commission … Read more

National Card Monitor – Consumer Complaint – January 14, 2013

Consumer Statement: I strongly believe that National Card Services failed in its service as providing me with assistance to lower my debt. Since I was able to resolve this issue without their help, I strongly feel I should be entitled to a full refund of 599.00. I have requested in registred mail twice, for my … Read more

Nationwide Card Monitor Shuttered by FTC

Nationwide Card Monitor is a company we’ve written about previously here on the site. In fact in one story, someone even went to their office to try to resolve their consumer complaint. They were instead threatened. Here is what the previous story had said: “I just went to NCM and delivered the complaint. I walked … Read more

Nationwide Card Monitor – Consumer Complaint – 11-2-2011

The following report was submitted by Consumer Mediation Services on behalf of an account they are assisting the consumer to obtain a refund. I think you’ll find the part about the Consumer Mediation Services Agent being cornered in the parking lot to be interesting. This is a copy of communications that was forwarded to the … Read more