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The Great Illusion of Retirement Savings

Panic attack

The nation is facing a looming retirement income crisis. Average retirees today are not well off. Tomorrow’s average senior is likely to be in worse shape. Instead of addressing this looming crisis, too many of the nation’s policymakers and elites propose to make it worse. They tell the American people that Social Security’s earned benefits must be cut, despite their ... Read More »

    Help! We’re Worried We’ll Outlive Our Retirement Savings


    Jan and Tim need help deciding what to do with a lump sum of money. Call it something of a delayed inheritance. When they sold an inherited property, the couple extended a mortgage to the homebuyers. That worked nicely for years, but when the new homeowner eventually decided to get a new bank loan. That meant a windfall of $800,000 ... Read More »

      Money Isn’t the Root of all Evil…it’s Procrastination

      time and money

      We’ve all heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” After 22 years of counseling hundreds of investors and savers, I’m pretty sure it’s procrastination. Procrastination can kill you when it comes to saving. Putting off saving, investing or planning for the future can be detrimental to your financial health. You’ve also seen all the illustrations about how ... Read More »

        5 Ways to Boost Your Retirement Savings

        retirement Paul Revere

        Even if you haven’t yet entered the working world, you can probably assume you will want to retire and some point. While most Americans have similar goals for a debt-free, affordable post-working life, you might not realize how much work (outside the office) it takes to get there. You probably are not saving enough, or are at least worried that ... Read More »

          Odds Are You Are Going to Retire Hungry and Poor

          If your 75 year old self could talk to you today about making retirement saving a priority, what advice do you think you'd hear?

          Americans can be in as much current day denial as they want to about their future and what retirement will look like but recent studies show a significant number of people are not at all confident they will be able to retire with adequate income and savings. According to the Employee Benefit Research institute, 49 percent of workers surveyed said ... Read More »

            American’s Freaking Out About Having Enough Money to Retire

            Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 4.48.37 PM

            A Pew Research study just out paints a disturbing picture of what lies ahead for many in retirement. Let me summarize the results of the report for you, half of people better start enjoying dog food. According to the survey results, about four-in-ten (38%) adults says they not confident they will have enough income in retirement. That’s up from 25% ... Read More »

              No Retirement, No Savings, Drowning in Debt. – Randy

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, Self employed – earned about $80K in 2010 (up from 2009); 58 years old. $10K in savings; no retirement plan other than to work ’till the end. Home owner – mortgage etc. about $2K/mo; no equity, but not underwater either – just about even. Unsecured debt is about $50K. Not behind yet in anything, but between self-employment taxes ... Read More »

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