Client Retainer Observation From Law Firm Offering Settlement

I was forwarded several documents by a tipster (send in your tips here) regarding the settlement services offered by Robert S. Gitmeid & Associates at 11 Broadway, Suite 1677, New York, New York 10004. It is a very nicely designed document. What caught my eye was the client’s budget. But let’s start with the services … Read more

Robert Gitmeid Law – Consumer Complaint – July 22, 2019

Consumer Statement: Going with your previous articles about Daniel Tilipman and National Debt Relief, I found out my father has been paying them thousands and still got sued. Did some digging because I’m a internet marketing nerd and seems as if NDR and Robert Gitmeid have a large network of fake 3rd party review websites. … Read more

I Signed Up With Robert S Gitmeid to Eliminate My Debt and I’m Unhappy

Question: Dear Steve, Signed up with Robert S Gitmead for credit consolidation. All but one of my accounts have been settled, but they did not tell me that my credit would be destroyed. I have always had good credit, I signed up so I could pay them off instead of paying interest forever. Had I … Read more

Is DebtConsolidation.com Smoking Dope?

A company called DebtConsolidation.com just put out a press release making some rather odd statements. They claim they are “a leading information and referral source for debt management and credit counseling” but seem to be instead providing misinformation instead. The reader who sent this to me was most upset by the statement they make, “”There … Read more