Does This Fresh Start Advocates Mailer Look Like a Tax Letter to You?

A reader sent in this mailer from Fresh Start Advocates. In the past, I’ve published other mailers from them. My initial reaction was the sales piece is laid out like an IRS looking correspondence. Especially when it says “Tax Year” on the top. Take a look at the mailer below and you decide for yourself. …

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Is the Hardship Division Debt Reduction Mailer a Scam?

Question: Dear Steve, I received this in the mail see document attached Is this a scam thing or have you heard of Hardship Division Jim Answer: Dear Jim, Thank you for sending me the mailer below. I always struggle with what a scam means to one person or another. I have no idea what a …

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Fresh Start Legal Advocates. Who Are They? And Then It Gets Weird.

An interaction yesterday with a Kevin Jackson from Thomassen Law Group (if that is even a real entity) sparked my interest in Fresh Start Legal Advocates. Kevin referred to the party identified on the post card sent to consumers as “Fresh Start” and appears to indicate they are an affiliate or lead generator for Thomassen …

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