The Credit Card Company Says My Husband is Responsible for Debt on a Card But I Think He’s Only an Authorized User. – Stephanie

“Dear Steve, Rebuilding credit after being laid off in 2007 and going back to school full time; signed up with a debt consolidation program at the time which turned out to be a scam. We lost thousands with them and tried reporting it to the Attorney General, etc., but nothing came of it. Ended up …

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The Power of Debt Validation in Stopping the Robo-Signing Debt Collector

The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee of Consumer Recovery Network. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. In the wake of robo-signing scandals involving home foreclosures across the country come the reports of similar behavior by debt buyers who file court actions in order to collect on delinquent …

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How Do I Get My Mother’s Light Bill Off My Credit Report? – Stacey

“Dear Steve, Hello Steve, I am 23 and have just recently began cleaning up my credit .there was one thing that stood out that I know didn’t belong to me and I disputed it.the dispute was verified and denied..later I found out that this debt actually belongs to my mother it is a light bill. …

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