My College Won’t Release My Transcript Because They Claim I Owe Them Money. – Reshene

My college won’t release my transcript or transfer my credits to a community college because they claim i owe them $950.

This is untrue because I paid for semester that i did not get to attend because i was on sick leave and i was turned down for more student loans and couldn’t get a cosigner.

So my school ask me to leave because i could no longer afford the tuition.

My school never gave the refund for the semester i was on sick leave like they had promised.plus they will not release my transcript so i can finishing getting my degree at a cheaper school.

I have half of my credits to get my associate degree and i only 1 year away from graduating.

Financial aid has been sending threatening letters and phone calls 3 times a month and adding late fees and saying they will mess up my credit if i don’t pay.I am unemployed and have been trying to search for work and apply to another school but my old school is interfering.

what should i do?Is this legal?How can i get my transcript and my money refunded and my old college off my back?


Dear Reshene,

I’ve seen this situation many times before.

The first thing we need to do is for you to get an itemization of what the school is claiming you owe. It’s not clear from your question. Is it for fees, tuition, or something else?

After you look at the itemization you will need to check your records for any supporting documentation to prove you do not owe the money.

The semester you missed worries me. Unless you officially dropped the classes before the last drop date the school will count you as having attended. Hopefully you have something in writing that the school acknowledged your withdrawal before the last day you could without penalty.

As an additional matter it sounds like you have student loans for your education. Are these government subsidized student loans or private student loans? It makes a huge difference.

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We’ll get to the bottom of this together but I need some additional details from you.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  1. I am going through a very similar situation and would love to learn more about your struggles. I wish you a swift and fair resolution! 


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