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Bankruptcy Related

We Have to Use the Credit Cards for Food and Gas. We Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Linda

“Dear Damon, My husband and I got into credit card debt right out of college. We started off making about 50K per year, and have built our way up to 100K per year. I am a teacher and he works in food production. We relied on credit way too heavily our first 10 years of marriage, bought a house we ... Read More »

I’ve Got Three Kids, Falling Behind, Unemployed and Have a Lot of Debt. – Kevin

“Dear Lewis, Here’s my situation. My name is Kevin, I am married with 3 kids. My story began when my wife and I tried to restructure our finances by applying for Obama’s mortgage modification program. The irony is we didn’t need to, but we were told that we qualified and figured, if we could save some money lets do it. ... Read More »

Our Chapter 13 Payment is Too Much For Us to Handle. Help! – Melanie

“Dear Lewis, Currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. (will be 3 years in Aug.). I was working 2 jobs at the time of filing, my husband 1 job. We have a son age 17 a daughter age 22. They both live with us..daughter claimed her own dependent status last year on taxes..if full time student..the trustee raised our payment since ... Read More »

I’m Trying to Help a Friend With a Warrant, Court Fines and Others Debts. – Alicia

“Dear Michael, My name is alicia and i am trying to find helo for a frined of mine. His name is Jesse, he is currentally in such deep debt that he just keeps going down hill. He has many court fines, he doesnt have a job, his car recentally broke down and he also has a warrent. Wicth he got ... Read More »

I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But Found Out I’m Not Eligible for a Discharge Due to a Previous Chapter 7. – James

“Dear Lewis, I took on more than I can handle in a short period of time. I took out secured installement loans and I got behind on them. I also had a title pawn out on my car. I then lost my job and the creditors were calling me everyday saying they were going to show up at my house ... Read More »

We Setup a Payment Plan With Out Credit Card Companies But They Are Reporting Us 6 Months Late. – Mike

“Dear Lewis, We have some credit card debt due to the economy and all. We have called the credit card companies we owe and set up a payment plan with them to auto withdraw from our account every month. Then after 5 years we are done with them. But after we set up a plan with them our credit report ... Read More »

Husband Died. No 401K. No Life Insurance. Should I File Bankruptcy? – Patty

“Dear Lewis, i lost mt job in feb 09 did not find work until sept 09. though my husband worked we where not able to make ends meet. we have still been struggling to make ends meet even after i found a job. but in jan 2011 my husband died, no life insurance, no 401 k. now in may i ... Read More »

How Do They Calculate Your Chapter 13 Payment in Florida? – Bart

“Dear Lewis, 60,000 in credit card dept, mortage is up to date,wages have gone down for both my wife and me. credit cards for two years used for food and gas after saving were gone in chapter 13 how do they figure your disposable income (fl) that you will pay creditors, and how can i find out if it would ... Read More »

I’m Being Sued by a Creditor And Was Told Only Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Might Be Right For Me. – Tim

“Dear Lewis, i am being sued by collection/ law firm(s) have received a citation of suit from a lawyer representing citibank. i have done online search for low cost attorney and spoke with one on the phone for court representation, he then pointed me towards a bankruptcy lawyer because he knew the suing firm well, i have done a consult ... Read More »

I Was Buying Stocks Using Credit Cards And Now I Can’y Pay My Bills. – Delano

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, we got real good money situation back than. it started when i start buying stocks using credit cards. i mean a lot of credit cards. that day, i believe the stocks will boom. and soon… the stocks tumbling down. and now, i can’t pay the credit plus the interest. since i can’t pay all the bills, then i ... Read More »

My Husband Sexually Assaulted Our Daughter While I Worked a Second Job to Afford Bankruptcy Payments. – Patty

“Dear Lewis, My husband and I filed bankruptcy in Feb 2010- because he lost his job after the bankruptcy was filed and he had a child support obligation they take the payment from me every 2 weeks. 286.00 dollars. At this point all the payments are made by garnishment of my wages. i cannot live off of 230.00 every 2 ... Read More »

Should I Go With GuaranteedBankruptcy.com to Complete My Bankruptcy Papers? – Benny

“Dear Lewis, Need to file Chapter 7. I have seen online adverts for Guaranteed Bankruptcy.com. They guarantee the process and they say money back if not satisfied. They sound really great–but we all have heard the old adage. This is the only thing I have found to give me a little hope, as I am completly broke. They also provide ... Read More »

I Was Told Not to File Bankruptcy Due to Severance I Might Receive. – Diane

“Dear Lewis, In May 2009, I was laid off. I had an appointment with a bankrupcty lawyer the day after I was escorted out (I had fairly high security clearance). She told me to hold off on the bankruptcy due to whatever severance I might receive. I held off and held off…and had a really rotten relationship in the meantime. ... Read More »

Would It Be Better to Just File Bankruptcy? – Vivian

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, Husband became disabled, we were in middle of major addition and remodel to our house. He had been doing all the labor. Already had credit card debt and started using the cards more to maintain lifestyle. Took out 401k loan and used charge cards to finish the house and get it ready to sell. Medical bills are increasing, ... Read More »

I’m Moving Back With My Stepmother. Should I File Bankruptcy or Go With Credit Counseling? – Maya

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I currently bring home $2500.00 per month and I have been fully employed in outside sales for the last year. I have credit card debt of $45,000.00. I am trying to bring in more income and cut my rent costs by moving in with my stepmother if she agrees. Barring a new position or job, I’m afraid that ... Read More »

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