My Dead Husband Molested Our Daughter and Left Me With a Mortgage in His Name

Question: Dear Steve, I will try to consolidate the story… The house I live in was purchased in my deceased husband’s name only. After 12 years of marriage, you would think you know someone but I found out at the beginning of 2016 that he had molested our daughter at which time he was removed … Read more

Who Should I Use to Refinance Our House and Take Cash Out? – Chuck

“Dear Steve, Lost my job in 2008 in the building industry. Did not find a job till 2011. I used my 401k to pay bills down to where I could make minimum payments on credit cards & keep the house running on unemployment payments. The unemployment benefits ran out and so did my luck as … Read more

I Want to Take Cash Out of My House to Pay My Debt. – Bruce

“Dear Steve, I live in Northern California and have approximately 90K in credit card debt and need help badly as we’re having trouble making ends meet! If possible I don’t want to file BK I make approximately 125k a year and my wife has been unable to work the past 4 years due to medical … Read more

We Have a Bunch of Equity In Our House But Way Too Much Credit Card Debt. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, three years ago we refinanced to a 30 year, 4.9 mortgage. we paid off all debt and embarked on a kitchen remodel. Halfway thru the remodel (at the absolute point of no return) I was laid off. I found another job seven months later, but in the meantime we had to power thru–scaling … Read more

How Can I Refinance My House When I’m Unemployed? – Julia

Julia “Dear Steve, I owe about 50K in credit card debts, cannot find job, rental property is not real profitable right now. If I did not have the credit card debt there would be enough money to live. 1 house, 1 duplex, tons of equity, 75%. I have a second on the duplex. Julia” Dear … Read more