Coronado Student Loan Trust Private Loans Discharged in Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding was filed in December of 2018 and one of the parties named in the action was American Educational Services. The consumer said they had $132,652 in private student loan debt that American Education Services was servicing. The underlying creditor was said to be Coronado Student Loan Trust. On March 19, 2019, … Read more

My Private Student Loan Was Put in Deferment Without My Permission

Question: Dear Steve, I am currently a full time PhD student. During my undergraduate and Master’s degree programs I acquired both federal and private student loans. Since I’m in school my federal loans have not entered repayment. However, my private loans are a different story. I have private loans through CUStudentLoans/ECSI and AES. Prior to … Read more

Is It Illegal for AES to Consolidate All My Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, After graduation, I consolidated my loans thru AES. I had 7 loans (5 federal & 2 private). AES said it could only consolidate the federal loans, but not the private loans because PLs were not government loans, subsidized & are structured differently. This explanation made sense to me & I only asked … Read more

My AES Student Loan Balance Has Tripled Since I Defaulted

Question: Dear Steve, Student loans…was laid off from my job back in 2002, with 2 kids in college. also, decided to return to school my self. took out several loans that I thought was government loans with American education services. Between hurricane Katarina and not finding steady employment I defaulted on the loans. Was making … Read more

Is There a Private Student Loan Consolidation Program to Lower My Interest? – Adam

Question: Dear Steve, I have about 96,000 in PRIVATE student loan debt. I got off to a rough start with payments when I graduated in 2011 but since late 2012 I have been paying faithfully and haven’t made a dent in the balance. I have written numerous times to Wells Fargo, Navient (first Sallie Mae) … Read more

My Daughter Spent a Lot of Her Student Loans on Living Expenses, Not Tuition

Dear Steve, I co-signed for approximately $35,000 worth of school loans for my daughter. She graduated from Chatham University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She could not find a job in her field paying over $25,000 per year. She went back to school and has since graduated with her degree in nursing … Read more

My Private Student Loan Cosigner Died. What Happens Now? – Nina

“Dear Steve, I have 4 student loans and two are private loans thru Wells Fargo and American Educational Services. They bot are default and they are about $45,000. I don’t make enough money to pay the loans. My salary covers basic needs and car payment. I had cosigner who passed away a month ago? What … Read more

American Education Services (AES), Xpress Loan Servicing, Student Loan Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 3-12-2012

Date This Problem Happened: December 15, 2005 State You Live in: Illinois Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: American Education Services (AES), Xpress Loan Servicing, Student Loan Solutions Company Address: P. O. Box 2461 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-2461 Company Telephone Number: 800-233-0557 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: About 5 … Read more

AES American Education Services – Consumer Complaint – 2-8-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date This Problem Happened: February 7, 2012 State You Live in: North Carolina Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: AES American Education Services Company Address: PO Box 2461 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105 Company Telephone Number: Website of Company: Consumer Statement: My loan defaulted after I was … Read more

Loan forgiveness for international student with National Collegiate Trust student loans? – Laura

Consumer Complaint Submission

Hi, I have a South Sudanese friend who studied in the US and has now gone home to work in development/humanitarian assistance. He has a loan from the AES/National Collegiate Trust that he is currently unable to pay off due to agreeing to take a lower salary in his home country. Is there a way … Read more

We Are Trying to Get Out of American Educational Services Student Loans

“Dear Steve, My wife returned to school several years ago and took out some student loans. Those loans were eventually sold to aes. One was for about $10,000 and the other for about $8,000. She has been paying the minimum statement for five years, (about $9,000) but the amount owed hasn’t decreased! The payments are … Read more

Full Time Student, Out of Cash, Wages Being Garnished by AES/PHEAA. Help! – Keith

“Dear Steve, I have a family of four and spouse who is an fulltime student. Income cut in half because of economy. Sinking fast and have exhausted all savings and 401k trying to stay afloat My wages are being garnished by AES/PHEAA for defaulted student loan. I requested an economic hardship hearing in writing at … Read more

Can My Father’s Social Security Be Garnished for My Private Student Loan? – Michael

“Dear Steve, I am a theater major have run out of any options on the private loans I have a private student loan through AES and to make a long story short my loan is now in collections. My dad is 84 and cosigned my loan he is now in a nursing home. I am … Read more