Shawn C. Serpe, Esq. / Serpe & Associates – Consumer Complaint – August 15, 2013

Consumer Statement: went to attorneys office in new York with a appointment A Mr Shawn C Serpe 450 7th ave nyc , ny 10123 THIS ATTY WAS TO REPRESENT ME IN BANKRUPCY I PAID $350.00 DEPOSIT GAVE THE AATY MY CREDITORS FILES CONTAINING ALL MY CREDITORS STATEMENTS AND ACCOUNT NUMBERS, CREDITORS MATRIX FILE, WENT TO … Read more

The Elusive USOBA Membership List Made Public

Below you will find a document that was given to me by a USOBA member with a soul. They sent it to me at click here. I’ve actually had this for some time and I was giving the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) multiple chances to release to me a current membership list. … Read more

ABC Debt Relief, Best Debt Options, The Debt Answer, and Net Debt Help Review

This is an unusual review. I’m not quite sure what is going on here, but it is odd. This began with a tip from someone for me to look into TheDebtAnswer.com and what I found is interesting. It seems TheDebtAnswer.com is hosted on the same server with these domains on it. AAADebtRelief.com – Source ABCDebtRelief.com … Read more